Immerse in an all-new, elevated online shopping experience with Shopee Video

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in the Philippines, has elevated the shopping experience through the lens of creativity with Shopee Video, a vibrant space where sellers and buyers can connect, engage, and enjoy a seamless shopping experience through creative content.

The newest addition to Shopee’s content ecosystem gives users the option to both watch and create videos within the Shopee app. Because the shopping experience is seamlessly integrated into the feature, creators can add product links to videos as they share their shopping recommendations, while viewers can easily add items to their cart as they explore an array of entertaining content.

Diving into the endless world of shopping and entertainment

Accessing Shopee Video is a breeze – conveniently embedded within the Shopee app, users can simply tap the Shopee Video icon on the bottom navigation bar to instantly immerse in current content trends.

Viewers can seamlessly switch between the Following and Trending tabs to either follow their favorite creators or explore suggested content. Navigation is also made effortless by simply scrolling up or down, while video playback can be controlled with just a single tap on the screen to stop and play videos. Meanwhile, those who wish to refresh the content they see can simply go to the top of their feed and pull it down. 

Users can also actively engage with fellow viewers or creators on the platform. They can express appreciation by liking videos, sharing their thoughts through comments, and spreading excitement by sharing the content that caught their attention. 

From snackable videos brimming with wit and humor, to challenges, hauls, and recommendations across an array of interests, Shopee Video houses a wide collection of entertainment content that keeps viewers hooked on scrolling for more—and adding to their carts. 

Attracting viewers with attention-grabbing content

Meanwhile, sellers and creators alike can capture a wider audience through a myriad of ways with Shopee Video. From showing how products work to taking viewers behind the scenes, here are some ways you can seize your viewers’ attention–—and even convert them into buyers along the way! 

Trigger their excitement. Unboxing videos create a sense of anticipation that instantly hooks viewers, while how-to demos feed the viewers’ curiosity and show them how a product can either spark joy or answer their needs. Such videos can help convert passive viewers into actual purchasers! 

Hop on the latest trends. Whether it's leveraging trending audio, participating in popular challenges, or experimenting with emerging content formats, embracing what's currently capturing audience attention is one of the easiest ways to stay relevant. 

Tap the crowd-favorites. Collaborating with established content creators is a helpful strategy to capture a specific audience and effectively promote a brand. Just be sure to work with content creators whose values align with your brand, and whose style resonates with your target audience. 

Create a deeper connection. Bite-sized videos are best when it comes to keeping viewers until the end of the video—perfect for sharing deeper narratives in order to build connections. Foster a vibrant sense of community and take viewers through your brand’s humble beginnings or bring them behind the scenes to make them feel like they are part of your journey.

Maximize Shopee Video’s creative tools. Add more fun and creativity to videos with readily available transitions and visual effects, stickers, a variety of text options, and even voice effects! Make it easier for viewers to shop by adding up to six product links so they can add to their cart in just a few clicks. 

Kickstart the Shopee Video experience and take part in the 2.2 Shopee Video Festival for a chance to win your dream local vacation! Happening from February 1 to 3, 2024, simply watch videos on the platform for a chance to score round-trip flight tickets and accommodations to your local destination of choice. 

So, what are you waiting for? Explore Shopee Video now and enjoy a whole new shopping experience! 

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