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MUSIC LYF: 1:43 scores commercial success in #KalyePop album

Filipino pop group 1:43 (one forty-three) once again scored commercial success in their third all-original album titled #KalyePop (KPop) released last week under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines).

#KalyePop was reportedly selling like hotcakes in various Astrovision, Astroplus and Odyssey record bars in Metro Manila while certain branches run out of stocks a few days after copies landed on the shelves according to the initial sales reports of the label.

MUSIC LYF: Boy band 1:43 puts a new twist to KPop in third album

OFTEN mistaken for Korean pop superstars, proudly all-Filipino boy band 1:43 (one forty-three) gives the term KPop a whole new meaning in their third album titled #KalyePop.

Due for release this April under MCA Music, the EP titled #KalyePop (KPop) is composed of six strong original tracks from the foremost Filipino boy band that popularized “Sa Isang Sulyap Mo,” the monster hit song that won the 2013 PMPC Star Award for Music “Song of the Year.”

“#KalyePop or KPop is our humble contribution to the rebirth of the local music industry. We hope that our new musical direction will advance our mission of winning back the Filipino audiences to Original Pilipino Music (OPM),” says boy band spokesman Anjo Resurreccion.