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Pet Lovers Will Enjoy AnimaLife TV With Divine and Tim!

Having a pet is also as fun and hard as being a parent to children. And Pinoys love their pets as many would have a dog or a cat in their homes. The good news is there is a new show for animal lovers that is proudly hosted by "Pet-rents" Tim Yap and Divine Lee, it is AnimaLife TV  to be shown on GMA News TV.

AnimalLife TV is a kid-friendly animal show that promises to capture its viewers with a fresh and exciting take on the world of animals.Yap and Lee unleash their sweet spot for animals unbeknownst to many, revealing a persona that is more than what meets the eye.

Herbal Essences Encourages You To Share Your #ShamelessPleasures

Showering is one of our most favorite time for ourselves. This is where we pamper ourselves and indulge in our shameless pleasures, taking a shower of course. Herbal Essences has returned to the market with this fresh campaign of #ShamelessPleasures with their new Shampoos and Conditioners as well their endorser, Divine Lee.

Celebrating scentsual, shameless pleasures
What pleasures you that you’re reluctant to admit? No need to be ashamed—confess! 

Herbal Essences made a provocative and scentsual comeback with a stimulating and exciting event held recently at 71 Gramercy. Heralding the return of Herbal Essences is its bold campaign to encourage the pursuit of shameless pleasures. After all, there is no shame in seeking things that make one deliriously happy.

Rainbow Run for LGBT Rights


A woman blessed with stunning looks and enviable pedigree doesn’t usually wish she was a member of the third sex… but Divine Lee does… well she isn’t exactly a woman, not according to her gay friends. 

“Proud ako to say na yes, Baklang Babae ako! As in Baklang, Baklang Babae!” proclaimed the gorgeous Ms. Lee in her speech during “Ladlad 8: The Metamorphosis”, a fundraising dinner in celebration of the political party’s 8th Anniversary. She further surprised the audience when she expressed her wish for a gay child in the future.

Entertainment value aside, the essence in Divine’s message is her call for equality. Her dearest friends are gay and she cited specific incidences when they were discriminated upon in establishments, job applications even at a public beach.