Pet Lovers Will Enjoy AnimaLife TV With Divine and Tim!

Having a pet is also as fun and hard as being a parent to children. And Pinoys love their pets as many would have a dog or a cat in their homes. The good news is there is a new show for animal lovers that is proudly hosted by "Pet-rents" Tim Yap and Divine Lee, it is AnimaLife TV  to be shown on GMA News TV.

AnimalLife TV is a kid-friendly animal show that promises to capture its viewers with a fresh and exciting take on the world of animals.Yap and Lee unleash their sweet spot for animals unbeknownst to many, revealing a persona that is more than what meets the eye.

Tim Yap known to be always present in the hottest events, a fashion icon, and also mingles with the biggest stars and personalities in the country and the world. But when he goes home, he has Juanita and Pringles, two puspins (Pusang Pinoy) which he adopted and took care of.

But even before Juanita and Pringles came to his life, Yap has also taken care of a number of animals, ranging from dogs to fish and even pythons, all while growing up. He also supports animal welfare related activities and has initiated lobbying of public places, such as malls, to become more pet-friendly.

Certainly, with his fun-loving and outgoing personality, Yap completes the Bet Ko, Pet Mo segment of AnimaLife TV, which showcases celebrities and their pets, making it more exciting with pet-friendly gimmicks. Also featured in the segment is the Kuya Tim’s Magic Box Challenge, where host Yap engages in out-of-the-box challenges with guest celebrities.

Host Divine Lee is also visible in events and known to bring fun and entertainment. She has been part of many shows but this will be her first time to talk about pet

In AnimaLife TV, Lee delves on a more serious take on animals with Ask Ate Divs segment, where she, along with an expert, tackles about animal and pet issues, such as health, behavior, and good grooming. Lee presents advices and solutions to pet owners, and at the same time, teaches the kids the proper care for animals.

Other segments of AnimaLife TV include Happy Hayop where viral videos, memes, and photos of various animals are showcased and where viewers can send in videos of their own pets; and AnimaLife Trivia which provides viewers a chockfull of quick facts to get to know more about animals, be it domesticated or wild.

Produced by Claire Delfin Media, AnimaLife TV airs on GMA News TV from 9 A.M. to 9:30 A.M. every Sunday. Visit AnimaLife TV’s Facebook page ( or follow its Twitter and Instagram accounts (@AnimaLifeTV) to get updates. Have something to share? Drop an email at

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