REEL DEAL: Echorsis: Sabunutan Between Good and Evil REVIEW

After adjustments on the play dates, the awaited movie starring Kean Cipriano, Alex Medina, and John Sweet Lapus will be finally shown in cinemas with Echorsis: Sabunutan Between Good and Evil. Directed by Lemuel Lorca, who also directed the CineFilipino film "Ned's Project".

The film was produced by Chris Cahilig who manages the boy group 1:43 who also were part of the movie. Kean Cipriano also co-produced the film, and also fresh from the success of "Love is Blind" where he worked with Derek Ramsay and Kiray Celis. Alex Medina was also busy with TV and movie projects which makes him one of the in-demand stars as he follows the fame of his father Pen and brother Ping.

John Lapus, also had a previous horror flick for the MMFF, shown excitement for the film's release this April. Echorsis takes a story spin-off from "The Exorcist" with the touch of gay humor and situations. Kean plays Father Nick, a gay priest who performs exorcisms. John plays Kristoff, a closet gay son from a conservative family, while Alex plays Carlo, the lover who will break Kristoff's heart.
The film contains a lot of various types of comedy, but it was able to create a new kind of genre with black comedy mixed with LGBT perspective. ECHORSIS was fun, entertaining and surprisingly interesting with the characters and takes the funny "baklaan portion" in a new level.

Echorsis: Sabunutan Between Good and Evil stars John Lapus, Kean Cipriano, Alex Medina, Alessandra De Rossi, Chokoleit, Kiray Celis, Mich Liggayu, Ruby Ruiz, Yuki Sakamoto, Anjo Resurreccion, Gold Aquino, Yheen Valero, Negi Negra, Bekimon, Nico Antonio, Francine Garcia, and Odette Khan. Showing in cinemas nationwide April 13, 2016.

Deliberation time kids! 

Show summary in 3 lines: Nakakaloka Ang Ganern!

Technical Effects: 3 out of 5 stars (Technically "clean" with the effects, production design is better than most local movies)

Plot: 4 out of 5 stars (At first it may look predictable, but they have mini-plot twists which are actually interesting)

Acting and Actors: 4 out of 5 stars (Kean did a great job with a role which is actually challenging)

Pros:  cameos, exorcism procedures accuracy, dialogues

Cons: final resolution, too many familar scenes from the original

Music and Soundtracks:  3 out for 5 stars (mostly originals, music has hit-or-miss appeal on some scenes

Overall: Rating 4.0 out of 5 stars (It was indeed worth the wait, set to prove its worth and entertainment appeal)

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