CALABARZON Conquers Goalball Championship

Paragames is also alive in Palarong Pambansa 2016 Albay with the games opening opportunities to persons with disability (PWD). One game  which was recently concluded is the Goalball competition. Goal ball is a soccer-like game which has 3 members per team and has a elongated goal. The ball is made of hard rubber with bells inside them so they would make sounds while rolling.

Held at Divine Word College High School Grounds, this physical game is open to visually challenged athletes (low vision, partially blind, totally blind). As it depends a lot with sound and reflex, silence is very important for the sport. The finals game was between Region X (Northern Mindanao) and Region 4-A (CALABARZON).

Seeing them is action seems like child's play with the rolling of the ball and making sure it will not pass them. However the sport is also prone to injuries if the ball hits the players with a high velocity. With players also blindfolded, it ensures that the vision is the handicap for all players.

With power and strategy, CALABARZON was able to win the gold. The team is composed of Jolan Camacho, Akkina Castula, and Carlito Dela Cruz. The silence turned to cheer as the timer declares them the winner.

Palarong Pambansa is held in Albay from April 10-16. Organized by DepEd and the Province of Albay.

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