Nuvali Brings Outdoor To New Heights With Camp N

I really love places that offer a lot of adventure, and one of those places is Sandbox in Alviera, Porac, Pampanga. Though it may be a long trip up to central Luzon, it is indeed worth the journey. But Ayala Land opens up a new adventure park located in Nuvali, they call it Camp N.

Located in one of the lush greens parts of Nuvali, Camp N offers a lot of fun activities that will disconnect you from the online world and let you feel nature at its finest. Since it is much more closer to Manila, it is great news for families and friends that its is more closer to Manila which means another new alternative team building location aside from the usual places.

Camp N features an Adventure Tower which has wall climbing, rappelling, free fall jump, and a short and long roller zipline ride. For our trip there, I was able to finally conquer the free fall and the roller coster zipline which were both exhilarating and fun! There is also an obstacle course for group challenges which is similar to military training. Bike trails are also open and a bike camp is in the works for kids and adults.

It also has an Aerial Walk which was the one of the most challenging attractions of Camp N, much bigger to a similar one in Sandbox, it does differ with a more greener scenery around the camp which is really large and also has more room for improvement and new attractions.

Of course safety is their top priority as it involves a lot of physical activity and heights. They ensure that every ride and activity passes international standards and maintenance. They also have lots of space for green cultivation so you can also appreciate nature.

On April 16, Camp N will be the venue for the first leg of the “AXN Ultimate Thrill 2016”, a multi-stage adventure race similar to The Amazing Race, also popularized by the AXN network. Adventurers will go through intense obstacle challenges in Camp N and the first 20 finishers will head to Boracay for the final round. Only 200 teams from Manila may join the AXN Ultimate Thrill 2016. Registration is through the AXN website.

With its operations functional after the event, summer is indeed here and it is time to get out in the sun, enjoy mother nature and have fun!

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