Things To Take Note During Palarong Pambansa

This national games are a annual event that everyone in the country is looking forward to, all the regions converge  with their athletes, coaches, officials, staff, family and friends will definitely spice up the city along with the exciting sporting events. It is indeed a rare event that one should savor the moments that happens of this yearly meet.

And for the non-participants, seeing the action live and being there is also another experience that one can have during the week. If you are a participant or a observer for Palarong Pambansa, let me share to you some tips so you can enjoy and keep yourself safe during this hectic yet fun event.


Palarong Pambansa always falls on Summer months that makes it literally hot in terms of temperatures. Rain is even considered good as it relieves the hot air that could cause heatstroke, dehydration and other heat-related ailments. Having a bottle of water handy is a must. If possible avoid juices, coffee, and softdrinks as they would be refreshing at first but does not provide enough hydration properties for the body.


You love to show team spirit with your jerseys, but given that our country is tropical and the event venue is like a solar farm, they should only be worn in the right places particularly indoor and air-conditioned places. Walking around the venues can be an agony if you stroll with thick clothes. For these days always keep them aerodynamic, light and flexible.


Venues are the most important information in the games not only as they provide information  where you should go to watch the events but also what to expect there. We have to understand many of them are not as grand like Olympic venues. Some of them are covered courts, converted event places that meet the sports standards set by Palaro. So expect that some can be crowed, not ventilated, or hard to access. Do also note places like police stations, hospitals and LGU stations


Aside from the venues, the cities and town around them are also places to go to for food, shopping and other events. souvenirs are definitely one of the things that everyone would like to take home, nature and historical places are a good recreation. For this year's host there is a beautiful backdrop of Mayon Volcano for outdoor venues. Having a map or itinerary helps you plan things you want to do and never miss your favorite games. I suggest having google maps  or waze on your phone.


The games are really exciting, and like any live events they are indeed better than watching them on a screen. So do drop your phones, turn them off and feel the thrill of the games. Leave the documentation to the media which shoot good pictures and videos. You can still enjoy you selfies with the athletes after the event is over.

Make you Palaro experience safe, happy, and memorable with these tips. 

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