SCA Philippines Opens First Day of 80th Anniversary!

The Student Catholic Action of the Philippines (SCAP) is the oldest existing student movement in the country which has roots back in 1936 and has evolved to be more than just a spiritual club for schools. It has formed a lot of student leaders that were not only academically scholastic but also socially aware that eventually became respected leaders and professionals.

On its 80th year this 2016, SCAP continues its crusade of teaching students Christian values and apply them to the society in which they are really needed. And also because of this, it  went into a lot of trials like the world war, Martial Law, and reorganization.

As of now, it continues to unify all the units all over the country and continues it's goals of rearing socially responsible students and members which also involves environmental care. 

For more information of upcoming events, you can check their Facebook page.

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