Spiritual-Political Film DIYOS-DIYOSAN Just In Time For Elections

Movies are still a source of interesting movies that tackles the problems of the nation beyond the Rom-Coms and heavy drama. And with elections as the biggest event of the year, the role of movies to provide as thinking catalyst is needed to provoke the nation to reconsider our choices. 

Inspired by the political realities, Christian film director Cesar Buendia (Pag-asa ng Bayan, Padre de Pamilya and Agawan Base) came up with the story of  "dIYOS-DIYOSAn" 4 years ago which was also an election year. Though the filiming was completed recently, it came into a perfect time for the presidential election which is more intense and pivoting for the future of the country. 

dIYOS-DIYOSAn is led by John Prats and Princess Punzalan, which also includes Kiko Estrada, Cheska Diaz, Lorenzo Mara, Vaness del Moral, Ryza Cenon, and  Tirso Cruz III. It chronicles the transformation of Bernard Mojica (John Prats) from a young idealist to a deceptive, cunning and crafty politician thanks to his teacher Estrell (Princess Punzalan) a former activist-turned-teacher, who shaped his destiny by way of her atheistic beliefs and self-centered ideology.

With a very relevant theme to be the subject of the movie, it would be a good movie for people who will be voting this coming May 9 elections. Cesar shares that he is happy with the performances of the actors portraying serious characters. Explaining his main inspiration for writing the film, Buendia recalls, “We may have thrown out the most corrupt dictator the country ever had, but the spirit of corruption remained in our soul as a people. No rally, no people power, no revolution can extinguish that. Is there hope? Absolutely! And the hope does not lie on us people True change can never come from people. Real change can only come from God. Hindi ako, hindi tayo ang simula ng pagbabago.”

He also is hopeful that the film will be a conscience to the voters, both undecided and firm supporters that the film will be a moral compass in letting them decide the leaders they will elect this May.

dIYOS-DIYOSAn premieres on April 30 at SM Megamall’s Cinema 3 and will open in cinemas nationwide on May 4.

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