Levi’s stores get a new look for an exciting new campaign

If you believe in the saying that what you see is what you get, then with Levi’s stores’ new look, you get the compelling story of a brand that has served generations yet remains young, relevant, and trendy.

You get a sense of the global brand’s rich heritage and how the displays tell its stories.

Be intrigued at how these unfold at each outlet.

Up front, clever window dressing that feature light boxes make an impactful statement about Levi’s 501 Jean CT—the brand’s number 1 product.

A table showcases the iconic 501 Jeans in all its available washes. The Trucker Jackets are displayed in one place and the Western Shirts in another.

“The point is to have different spots for all the items and how these elements come together,” Kaths Laudit, marketing head of Levi’s Philippines, explained.

Gender sensibilities figure in a big way in the styling stories. Women’s clothes are hang because they like to view the full garment and visualize wearing it while men like their jeans and tops folded.

“When men shop, they usually know what their sizes are. It’s easier for them to sort through folded clothes,” Laudit pointed out.

The stores’ new look is part of Levi’s global campaign dubbed “We Are Original,” which celebrates the brand’s rich heritage by connecting with millions of Levi’s lovers on social media.

On the other hand, “We Are Original” is part of Levi’s multifaceted global brand campaign, Live in Levi’s. The Live in Levi’s Project is a digital platform that was launched in 2014 and continues to engage the large global community of Levi’s fans through their shared experiences. To celebrate how the world “Lives in Levi’s,” fans generate original content to tell their own stories and share these through social media channels.

You can share your 501 story on social media using the hashtags #WeAreOriginal and #LiveInLevisPH.

As part of the campaign, Levi’s Philippines offers an in-store promo, which allows shoppers to win instant prizes like tickets to exciting events and Levi’s merchandise.

For a minimum single purchase of any Levi’s Icons and Essentials item (501, 511, CT, Trucker and core tops) worth P3,500 in all original Levi’s store and selected department store nationwide, you get a stub from a box to determine your prize.

Qualified shoppers can win prizes such as flash drives (USB), Levi’s e-plus card (1 pass), tumblers, and a ticket to Paradise International Music Festival (until April 8 only).

The promo runs until May 1, 2016.

The Live in Levi’s Project can be viewed and experienced at levis.com/LiveInLevis. You can also be updated with the latest happenings at @levis_ph on Instagram or Levi’s PH on Facebook.  

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