Luis Manzano does it like a boss in Dockers

From the way he dresses to his interactions with colleagues and staff, Luis Manzano knows his business.

The actor-TV host is best known for his business casual manner of dressing, a look that he has perfected. As the Dockers man, he goes for layering essential pieces like his favorite Dockers Signature On-The-Go Khaki Stretch Straight-Fit Flat-Front pants.

“I like mix-matching different pieces especially if I have several appointments or events during the day. These pants look good and are very comfortable and that’s very important,” said Luis, who is also an entrepreneur.

With his busy schedule, he needs clothing that’s made of breathable material crafted in the sartorially pleasing style that he prefers. He also goes for clothes that are comfortable and can be worn from the stage to a casual lunch at a restaurant.

Luis is also known for being feisty on social media, a trait that he brings to his real life.

“I’m not one of those people who will take things sitting down, so to speak. I always fight for my rights, especially when I know I am right.”

He gives his fans on dealing with different characters in the workplace. The Bully, said Luis, can smell fear a mile away. How to handle one? “Fight brawn with brains. You can outwit The Bully.”

As for The Perv—that guy who ogles your female officemates and makes inappropriate remarks, Luis has one rule: he has to be reported.

If your problem is The Rumor Monger, Luis said you can outtalk this person. “Confront him or her to clarify things and make sure to warn him to stop or else.”

“Be confident and be yourself. Dressing like a winner can help people treat you like one. I always rely on my Dockers staples. You can never go wrong in them,” he added.

The essentials? The Dockers Signature On-The-Go Khaki Straight-Fit Flat-Front pants, of course. These pants are the canvas upon which Luis bases his look. Luis has worn Dockers since he started buying clothes for himself.

“I love Dockers Signature On-The-Go Khaki Straight-Fit Flat-Front pants because I can wear them with a T-shirt and sneakers when I am outdoors. If I have to run to a meeting after that, I can just throw on a jacket and change my shoes to something dressier. It’s versatile AND comfortable,” said Luis.

For spring/summer 2016, Dockers offers crisp, clean and well-tailored clothes where the focus is on fit, fabric and finish. Dockers is having the modern man dress in a slimmer, sleeker and sexier silhouette of casual and refined khaki trousers. The trousers are made in comfortable stretch fabrics providing great elasticity in a bright and light color spectrum. This season is all about tone-on-tone. This summer is all about being practical and functional while looking stylish.

“At Dockers, it’s always about looking your best. Luis Manzano’s business-casual look should be every man’s goal. It is dressing for success without compromising your comfort,” said Kaths Laudit, Dockers Philippines marketing head.

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