Defining your style with McJim

A gentleman’s style is defined by subtle details. He invests in quality apparel, footwear, and even accessories that show—not shout—his stature in life.  

Beyond opting for the classics, a fashionable man prefers authentic leather for his belts, wallets, and bags—and brands that reflect on his true self. He chooses McJim Classic Leather.

“Quality and durability are true tests of style,” McJim Classic Leather says in a statement. “Men look for brands that outlast fast-moving trends. He understands that his image is his investment.”

Being real stands out

A man will stand out even when he’s clad in the basics—jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers—by choosing real. By being real.

Using genuine leather accessories such as belts, wallets, and bags by McJim Classic Leather helps project an air of confidence.

“When you wear something real, you are fearless. You become the man you aspire to be,” adds McJim Classic Leather, a brand that has consistently provided quality leather men’s accessories that Filipinos have relied on for years.

Belts and bags, wallets and money clips 

McJim has proven to generations of Filipinos that its expertly handcrafted accessories will always look new and attractive, unlike knockoffs and poor imitations that reveal, over a short period of time, shoddy workmanship and the use of cheap materials.

For instance, a good leather belt complements a man’s attire, making him look smart and well groomed. For the well-dressed image most men go for, McJim has a wide selection of dress belts and casual belts that combine leather with other materials like tweed and canvas.

On the other hand, McJim genuine leather wallets and money clips retain that patina of refinement after years of use. It helps that these come in classic black and different shades of brown like russet and tan—and in varying textures, too.

The modern Filipino man’s mobile lifestyle has likewise changed the way he carries his stuff around. He now requires a good bag for stashing his mobile phone, charger, power bank, organizer, grooming kit, and even work-related papers in. For his varying needs, McJim offers bags and briefcases in different sizes, colors, and make.

Good leather is an investment

McJim believes that only genuine leather can deliver a luxurious feel and look. It is soft and supple yet strong and durable; it does not deform or crack because it stretches.

And because real leather thermally adjusts to the body’s temperature, it promotes comfort for the wearer.

Finally, every McJim product is made by skilled and trained craftsmen who make sure that each belt, wallet, and bag is durable and well-made—an assurance that mass-produced items from other countries cannot give.

Because genuine leather is meant to last for a long time, McJim combines it with timeless designs, making each product a worthwhile—yet affordable—investment.

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