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Filipino Remake of Korean Comedy Keys to the Heart Strikes a Heartfelt Chord

Filipino and Korean content are among the most-watched titles on Netflix in the Philippines. When these two worlds collide and a great story comes our way, we become completely engrossed. Keys to the Heart, a 2018 Korean film starring Lee Byung Hun and Park Jung Min, has now been adapted for a Filipino audience. Troubled and alone, a down-on-his-luck boxer moves in with his long-lost mother and autistic pianist brother. But he must fit in with a family he hasn't known for years. 

This dramedy boasts an outstanding cast led by Zanjoe Marudo (366) and Elijah Canlas (Gameboys Level-Up Edition, Kalel, 15), taking on the roles of brothers who have nothing in common. Dolly de Leon, a nominee for both BAFTA and Golden Globe awards, portrays their beloved mother. 

The talented Cebuano director Kerwin Go (Mina-Anud) is passionate about this retelling and its important message. “It’s a celebration of family, unconventional families, blended families. It could be a family that you adopt and friends who become family and neighbors who actually become just as important,” he said at the See What’s Next: Philippines 2023 local titles launch. 

Keys to the Heart Premieres on Netflix This October

Adapting the hit South Korean movie, Keys to the Heart will have a Philippine adaptation starring Zanjoe Marudo, Elijah Canlas, Dolly De Leon, and Michelle Dee. Produceed Reality MM studios, directed by Kerwin Go, it tells the story of a troubled and lonely boxer who moves in with his long-lost mother and autistic pianist brother. And now has to fit in with a family he hasn't known for years. Keys To the Heart will be streaming on Netflix starting October 4

Ready To Get Lost In The Triangle of Sadness?

With the crazy things that are happening in the world between the rich and the working class, Ruben Östlund's latest film Triangle of Sadness may be a work of fiction but seems hit hard closer to the truth. It stars a number of diverse actors such as Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean, Dolly de Leon, Zlatko Burić, Henrik Dorsin, Vicki Berlin, and Woody Harrelson.

One can also get to feel what the movie is about with the promotional posters that featured one of the characters barfing. And indeed, it has a lot of them and more things to be seen. But the vile liquids are not the highlight of the film, rather it is the class struggles of the characters, the clash of wealth, the new way of social climbing, the need for attention, and a discourse of political ideologies.

Cannes-winning ‘Triangle of Sadness’ showing in 49 cinemas starting Nov. 30

Triangle of Sadness breakout star Dolly de Leon. 

Filipinos will now have the chance to experience the critically acclaimed satirical dark comedy film Triangle of Sadness on the big screen starting this Wednesday, Nov. 30. The film features Filipino actress Dolly de Leon, whose stunning performance has garnered praise from film critics here and abroad.

Forty-nine cinemas across the country are set to play Triangle of Sadness this week:

‘Triangle of Sadness’ premieres at QCinema ahead of Nov. 30 nationwide release

Triangle of Sadness actress Dolly de Leon strikes a pose with male models inspired by a scene in the satire movie. Photo from TBA Studios.

TBA Studios is bringing the critically acclaimed satirical dark comedy film Triangle of Sadness to the QCinema International Film Festival 2022, premiering as the festival’s opening film on Nov. 17 at Gateway Cineplex in Quezon City. 

While the premiere is by invitation, moviegoers can still catch the second screening of Triangle of Sadness during the festival on Nov. 21 at Power Plant Cinema in Rockwell, Makati City.

"TRIANGLE OF SADNESS" International Trailer Out Now

Directed by the multi-awarded Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund, this highly-anticipated dark comedy stars Woody Harrelson, Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean Kriek, Vicki Berlin, Zlatko Burić, and our very own Dolly de Leon in her critically acclaimed performance.

Hintayan Ng Langit - From Stage To Film Makes A Powerful Impression

I have seen this when it was a one-act-play back in 2016.Now one of the competition circle films for QCinema, HInatayan Ng Langit is already an interesting film to look forward to. And having Eddie Garcia and Gina Pareno to play the ex-lovers Manolo and Lisang is a perfect choice.

Set as an interpretation of "purgatory," Hintayan is a place for atonement and closure. Manolo recently passed and was sent here for unfinished business. He meets his ex-lover Lisang who passed 2 years earlier and awaiting clearance on his way to heaven to be with his husband.

As the two have never met in decades, they make use of their remaining time to bond with each other and knowing more about their past. I like the treatment of the film which gave more details and depth to the play. With a lot of details that can be added, I love how they made use of the material to add fun details with the location, the signs, and even the system.