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Metrobank offers ‘One More Chance, The Musical’ Exclusive Pre-sale Tickets

If you are a Metrobank Credit Cardholder, you could be one of the first to purchase tickets to PETA’s buzzworthy show, “One More Chance, the Musical." 

Get ready to feel all the feels again! PETA’s “One More Chance, the Musical,” an adaptation of Star Cinema’s cult classic movie featuring the songs of the country’s most sought-after nine-piece band, Ben&Ben, is opening ticket sales next month.

Excitement is building up fast for “One More Chance, The Musical” as theater fans eagerly wait for the opening of ticket sales. Buyers are already flexing their muscles, getting ready to grab hold of tickets as soon as they drop!

Metrobank, co-presenter and official pre-sale partner of the musical brings an exclusive pre-sale treat for their credit cardholders as they get first access to the tickets from February 6–8, 2024, via

CONTROL + SHIFT : Changing Narratives - PETA’s Bold Collection of New Theater Performances

With an unwavering commitment to empowering and enriching society, PETA continues to push boundaries and explore new frontiers in the realm of socially relevant theater. PETA welcomes 2024 with a bold collection of new theater performances that puts the spotlight on the theme of narrative change with CONTROL + SHIFT : Changing Narratives, Reclaiming and Reshaping Stories of the Filipino People. 

PETA artists, together with creative partners and collaborators, have created fresh works that hope to provoke curiosity, spark conversations, challenge assumptions, interrogate, and transform the toxic narratives and harmful depictions that hold society back. 

CONTROL + SHIFT : Changing Narratives features eight new works, devised performances, and the re-staging of KUMPRONTASYON at the PETA Theater Center from January 12-14, 19-21, 2024. 

Auditions Now Open For PETA's One More Chance The Musical -The Search For Popoy, Basha and the Thurdsay Barkada

Philippine Educational Theater Association’s (PETA) much-awaited production for 2024, “One More Chance, the Musical,” featuring the music of the massively popular and award-winning Filipino nine-piece band, Ben&Ben, announces the casting call for auditions starting Monday, November 20, 2024.

Interested applicants who want to audition will have the chance of a lifetime to portray the roles of Popoy, Basha, the Thursday Barkada, and other ensemble characters from the cult-classic movie.

Applicants must submit 16 bars, or 1 stanza and 1 chorus, of the best part of any Ben&Ben or OPM song, along with 4 bars of choreography to any contemporary modern music. The full set of requirements can be found at this link:

The deadline for all casting submissions will be November 26 at 11:59 p.m. Live auditions at the PETA Theater Center will follow from December 4–5.

Witty, Hillarious Musical Romp 'Walang Aray' Returns For A Three-Weekend Run

The all-original Filipino musical, Walang Aray, a whip-smart, side-splitting reimagining of Severino Reyes’ classic zarzuela Walang Sugat, returns for a limited three-weekend run at the PETA Theater Center from October 6–22, 2023.

Witty and hilarious from start to finish, Walang Aray is a spoof and tribute to the iconic zarzuela. 

The show is a mashup of old and new, tackling the themes of love, nationalism, and patriotism with a mix of catchy tunes, pop culture references, irreverent humor, witty wordplays, and one-liner jabs that will leave audiences in stitches.

PETA Summer Workshop 2023 Brings In-Person Theater Learning Back

The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) is back to offering its face-to-face summer theater workshops starting May 2023! 

The year marks an important milestone for Philippine theater as this is the year stages reopened and live performances returned for Filipino audiences post-pandemic. As PETA celebrates its 56th year in the industry, and wraps up its last month of the successful and highly-anticipated run of its newest original musical, Rody Vera’s Walang Aray (a farcical adaptation of Severino Reyes’ class zarzuela Walang Sugat), we can expect more theater activities in store for everyone in the coming months! 

PETA comes back to the theater with Rody Vera’s musical farce Walang Aray

“TUMINDIG AT UMIBIG!” The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA), the makers of the hit musical Rak of Aegis, is finally returning back to the theater for full live performances featuring a brand-new original Filipino opus: a witty, funny, and daring musical to hit the PETA Theater Center, Rody Vera's fiercely irreverent, ferociously clever, and seriously hilarious farce, Walang Aray!

Signaled by critics to be "PETA's next surefire hit" calling it "a rare intelligent gem," Walang Aray is literature and history coming alive in the most cutting-edge and entertaining manner.

Presented by PETA with Indie.Go Media, Walang Aray is a genre-defying adaptation of the screenplay Walang Aray, based on Severino Reyes’ classic sarsuela Walang Sugat.

The musical richly mashes the timeless classic with contemporary language, funk and pop tunes, and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Ivan The Selfie Magician celebrates 18 years of magic

IVAN the Selfie Magician “It’s not real, It’s Magic” Celebrates 18 years of Magic on December 3 at the PETA THEATER

Indulge your imagination beyond its limits. Ignite your curiosity with amazement and wonder as incredible illusions and reality collide. 

Come and enjoy a pre-Christmas family treat with Ivan the Selfie Magician in 'It's Not Real, It's Magic' on December 3 - - - 3 pm and 7 pm at the PETA Theater Center. 

Jonathan Ivan Rivera's 18 Years If Magic with his incomparable showmanship is a result of portraying various roles as a TV, Film and Theater Actor.

For his forthcoming show, he will showcase the art of a Master Illusionist. 

PETA marks theater comeback with Batang Rizal

After Philippine Educational Theater Association’s (PETA) big digital breakthrough during the pandemic: a string of successful online show streams and virtual workshops, the pioneering Filipino theater company is making a big theater comeback for its 55th Theater Season! 

The return to the theater features no less than a PETA classic, Christine Bellen’s Batang Rizal! First to launch online via streaming from October 14-16, the well-loved musical will be the first show to open PETA’s theater stage in November.

Co-written, directed for stage, and choreographed by Dudz Teraña, with musical direction, arrangement, and composition by Vincent de Jesus, Batang Rizal is a remarkable piece because of its ability to resonate with audiences across generations. Its power rests in its simplicity and relatability, while carrying a deep challenge for audiences to become everyday heroes.  

Even after a decade and a half, the magic of Batang Rizal has not wavered. PETA artistic director, and Batang Rizal video director, Maribel Legarda, says that one of the most powerful aspects of the show is “how Rizal’s story is told not through the eyes of an adult but that of a child’s.” 

PETA Launches Voters' Education Campaign Dubbed As ‘RAK THE VOTE’

The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) together with its partners, PETA Lingap Sining, Impact Leadership, and We The Youth Vote, through the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Philippines, and MISEREOR Germany, embark on a creative voters’ education campaign called Rak The Vote: Mobilizing The Youth For Change from June to October 2021 to encourage young people to register and vote in the upcoming national elections in May 2022.

According to the advocacy group We the Youth Vote, the youth will make up the biggest voting population this 2022, comprising #40MillionStrong voters composed of Gen Z and Millennials ages 18-39 years old.

In a society where the youth dominate in numbers, significant change in our country’s socio-economic and socio-political situation is a huge possibility – all it needs is a little push, one could say, to “rock the boat”. As elections come closer, the need for the youth to become deeply involved in claiming their stake for a better tomorrow grows stronger. 

In light of this, PETA’s #RakTheVote uses the power of theater and the arts to motivate young people to seize their power for change - to register, to vote, to make a stand, to participate in good governance, and to express their sentiments over things happening in our society and articulate what changes they desire.

‘RAK OF AEGIS’ Goes Online

A treat for theater fans and OPM lovers! Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) together with Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang–Aawit (OPM) and The Philpop Musicfest Foundation (Philpop) are proudly presenting the pay-per-view streaming of the jukebox musical Rak of Aegis on 31 July, August 1, 7, 8, 2021 via

Rak of Aegis Online is the banner project of PETA’s fundraising campaign dubbed as #TakePETAbeyondCOVID, and a part of the Linggo ng Musikang Pilipino (LMP) 2021 celebration. 

Featuring songs from the popular 90’s band Aegis, the jukebox musical tells the story of impoverished community Barangay Venezia, which has been submerged in floodwater for two months.  

Since 2014, Rak of Aegis has captured the hearts of audiences with its humor, music, message of resiliency, family, and community. Now, finally, Villa Venezia and its well-loved residents will grace the screens, with a newfound relevance to the show’s message.

PETA Makes Its Workshop Program For Kids And teens Available Online This Summer

This summer, PETA is not letting distance get in the way of giving kids and teens an invigorating way to explore their creative interests and talents. Dedicated to continuing its annual summer program, PETA is offering its summer workshop through its online platform to make for a productive summer for young aspiring artists despite the ongoing quarantine.

With five (5) courses to be conducted on Zoom, this year’s summer workshop will engage kids and teens in an interactive, fun-filled virtual atmosphere that will make each class a meaningful experience. Opening on May 24, parents may enroll their children ages 7 to 17 years old in any one of these courses:

PETA Launches Festival Of Windows A Three-Month Long Online Arts Festival

The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) is ready to make another milestone as the company launches its first-ever online arts festival FESTIVAL OF WINDOWS 2020: LOCKED BUT LINKED, which proudly showcases creative works and unafraid expressions about Filipino’s stories of triumph and survival.

Despite the devastating effect on the performing arts of the pandemic, PETA remains steadfast in its mission to create meaningful art. 

PETA's “RAK OF AEGIS” Season 7, A Tribute To OPM

PETA Artistic Director Maribel Legarda and PETA President
Cb Garrucho joined by OPM Chairman of the Board Mitch Valdez
The iconic, Filipino musical phenomenon, Philippine Educational Theater Association’s Rak of Aegis makes a much-awaited return from July-September 2019 at the PETA Theater Center in partnership with Organisasyon ng mga Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM) and The PhilPop MusicFest Foundation (Philpop).

Since the show opened in 2014, Rak of Aegis has taken Manila, figuratively and literally, by storm! The original Pinoy musical brought one of the greatest OPM icons, The Aegis Band, to the spotlight by featuring their powerful hits and karaoke favorites “Halik,” “Sinta,” “Basang Basa sa Ulan,” and more.

The Kundiman Party Back At PETA For Second Run

Acclaimed as one the most meaningful and relevant original Filipino plays in recent times, Floy Quintos’ “THE KUNDIMAN PARTY” comes to the PETA THEATER CENTER for limited run starting May 24.

The play, directed by Dexter M. Santos was first produced by the UP Playwright’s Theater in 2018. It was hailed by critics and audiences alike for the seamless weaving of our timeless Kundiman art songs into a plot that involved discontented millennials and Social Media, EJKs and other current political and social issues.

Gawad Buhay 2017 Nominations Out - Tanghalang Pilipino 'Ang Pag-uusig And Ballet Manila's 'Ibong Adarna" Take Lead

Through Facebook Live, the Gawad Buhay—the Philstage Awards for the Performing Arts, which marks its 10th anniversary this year—announced the nominations for the 2017 awards, culled from productions and performances by Philstage member-companies last year.

The FB Live event, held at the lobby of The Theatre at Solaire, was hosted by Audie Gemora and Karla Gutierrez, Philstage president and treasurer, respectively.

PETA Launches New Children's Musical ‘TAGU-TAGUAN NASAAN ANG BUWAN?’

On its 50th Anniversary, Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) launches a new children’s musical that will take audiences to a world where everything is possible with the use of a little imagination. 

PETA is proud to continue its mission to provide extraordinary theatrical experiences for children of all ages as it presents J-mee Katanyag’s “Tagu-taguan Nasaan Ang Buwan?”. 

PETA closes its 47th season with Cherry Orchard remake, Arbol de Fuego

Capping  the  Philippine  Educational  Theater  Association’s  47th season is Arbol de Fuego, Rody Vera and Loy Arcenas’ reimagining of Anton Chekhov’s classic Cherry Orchard. After three successful Rak of Aegis runs, and original Filipino production, FnL, PETA simmers down from the fitful comedy-musical first half of the season with a grounding of a world classic this February 2015.

Arbol  de  Fuego is  a  tragicomedy  about middle-aged  matriarch  Enriquetta  Jardeleza-Sofronio, played by  veteran actress  Cherie  Gil,  who comes  home after  having  squandered  the  family fortune on a long stay in Madrid. Buried in debt, she and younger brother Adjie (essayed by Jake Macapagal) is  advised  to  sell  the  estate  to  avoid  bankruptcy,  but  refuses, insisting  on  keeping their ancestral house and the flourishing rows of fire trees that frame the estate. The Jardelezas instead, throw party after lavish party, reminiscing their opulent past in an effort to forget their depleting wealth. 

ART IS A BANG: Rak of Aegis

Their songs have been the favorite of the masses as a favorite videoke choice as well as singing contest piece. As of of the iconic bands of the Philippines, it would be fitting that their song would also be interpreted in a different stage, theater. This 2014, the music of Aegis will be

A rock comedy musical using the songs of Aegis will tackle Filipino resilience, or how the country faces and resolves compromising situations, whether this be a natural disaster or a broken heart. Set in a subdivision that has been flooded for two months, “Rak of Aegis” will revolve around the love interests of the main characters, whose names are derived from those of Aegis band members as a tribute to the Filipino novelty rock group that made waves 90’s.

Catch it on March 7, 2014, Friday, 8pm at the PETA Theater. For ticket reservations, contact the ff:

Marlon - 09065750057
Stan - 09158112407
Zita - 09273571986
Real - 09175277325

Blah Blah Blog RAINY DAYS: To Zoo or Not To Zoo?

TO ZOO OR NOT TO ZOO... That is the question.

Another trendsetter this week was the Infamous condition of the Manila Zoo posted in a post by The post showed the very poor condition of the animals with their nutrition and also their health and also untreated wounds. It is really a sad to see the animals at this conditions, especially it was my first zoo experience in my life. And I have been to several other zoos like Avilon and Malabon which takes good care of the animals. Though I prefer seeing animals in the wild but zoos can be a source of a sanctuary for animals that needs special care and not primarily for entertainment. 

The World’s No.1 AI Camera Phone: HONOR Magic6 Pro is confirmed to arrive in PH!

Experience magic this May with the multi-awarded HONOR Magic6 Pro, an AI camera phone with 5 DXOMARK Top 1 Labels! #HONORMagic6Pro The leadi...