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MUSIC LYF EXCLSIVE: Hanson Press Conference

The hit 90's band HANSON is back yet still has that charm and charimsa to get people fall in love with their tracks. And now they are back with more hits to be played with their latest album SHOUT IT OUT.

Now we were privileged to be invited in their press conference that happened at the EDSA Shangri La Hotel.  And from here we got to see the Hanson brithers al grown up and all of them already parents. It's great to see these acts that have withstood the test of time and brotherhood. And with most of the press (mostly young) who grew up with their song feels in cloud nine also as they actually looked good at their age and still making great music that are close to so many fan's hearts.

Now exclusively from MTL Music Lyf, we recorded their live performance as a treat to the press people and also dedicate it to their fans. Also the question and answer was also recoreded for ours subscribers too see. 

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