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EVENTOLOGY: Urban Athletics Kings on Deck Mixtape Launch

The country’s leading premium street lifestyle retailer “Urban Athletics” held an awesome event last Saturday with the Launching of Philippines Street Plan (PSP) and UA Collab shirt, Dada footwear and Kings on Deck Mixtape.

Dada is the hottest urban basketball brand in Europe that produces clothing and apparel for the hip-hop community. Dada started in 1995 on producing hat and T-shirt Company and they aimed to target the urban basketball youth.

“We are excited and proud that Dada is finally hitting the Philippines. I know that a lot of Dada fans are thrilled to expect popular Dada lines,” said Marc Vinas, Dada Brand Manager. “The Dada urban and athletic line is sold in major athletic retailers worldwide and has been endorsed by athletes including NBA players Latrell Sprewell, Chris Webber, Karl Malone and Horace Grant. Entertainers from Snoop Dogg, Ludracris and even Leonardo Di Caprio have also endorsed the product. Watch out for Dada as it hits stores this December” added Vinas.

“Urban Athletics continues to be the trend-setter when it comes to urban sports fashion and street wear. With the arrival of Dada footwear, our market can expect the freshest drops from this very popular brand. It will definitely excite the members of the hip-hop community but the urban fashionistas as well,” said Toby P. Claudio, founder of Urban Athletics.

Aside from promoting international brands Urban Athletics has always believed in supporting home-grown talents and this is reason behind its recent collaboration with well-known underground urban graffiti artists Pilipinas Street Plan (PSP). Collaboration gathered PSP’s top creative artists Whoop, Nemo, Jood and Vermont to design limited edition shirts that fused together their signature elements together with Urban Athletics persona.

My Feet Craves For a Radii Footwear from Urban Athletics

Shoes is a necessity in our lives and has been there since the first civilizations. In the present modern world, finding the right pair of shoes is important because it should fit to the lifestyle that we have now. Being a music lover and also a dancer, sneakers would be definitely my preference. But having tried many shoe brands (even the cheap ones) but ended up hurting my feet the longer I use them. Worse is they look to stiff and not fashionable.

These conditions also cause my feet  to stink and stressed. This made me want to look for better shoes that can perfectly fit my feet and provide great performance in doings the things I do.

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