My Feet Craves For a Radii Footwear from Urban Athletics

Shoes is a necessity in our lives and has been there since the first civilizations. In the present modern world, finding the right pair of shoes is important because it should fit to the lifestyle that we have now. Being a music lover and also a dancer, sneakers would be definitely my preference. But having tried many shoe brands (even the cheap ones) but ended up hurting my feet the longer I use them. Worse is they look to stiff and not fashionable.

These conditions also cause my feet  to stink and stressed. This made me want to look for better shoes that can perfectly fit my feet and provide great performance in doings the things I do.

I like to go to shops like Urban Athletics to check on shoes that would go perfect with my feet and I loved the selections that they have in the store. I personally would like to have the Radii footwear as it looks really cool plus its features can keep up with my active lifestyle and feet. Radii shoes really got sole! 

And these shoes also look good if I go to hip hop events like the ones featured in (Pinoy Urban Music). If I have  practice I may try to bust a move on the dancefloor with this pair! I have it now on my wishlist. For now, my feet still keeps its passion to go places and do some swaggin'.

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