VoiceOne Launches MyLink for better and Cost Efficient Corporate Communication

VoiceOne Asia, through its NexGen services, launches its latest unified communication application for SMBs enterprises, alike - branded as MyLink.  It is a sophisticated tool similar to a softphone, equipped with dialpad, with a little twist of integrating a social networking site based on their skill sets, department, location and other vital information pertaining to an employee; enabling users to tag and read profiles of contacts within the organization. It also enables presence to initiate multi-user chat and voice conferences. The application aims to improve communication system for business and enterprises.

Business leaders today are facing the reality that today’s enterprise depends heavily on communications channels in order to function. Coming forward to address this need, VoiceOne Asia, through its NexGen services, provides Philippine enterprises with cutting edge technology to improve their businesses without the pressure of increased costs. Through its very unified communication application, VoiceOne Asia answers the need for enterprises to have efficient and effective communications. With this newest innovation, communication becomes as easy as just one click.

Says Mr. Cyril Rocke, President and CEO of VoiceOne Asia, “Today, communications has become more than just necessity – it has become a way of life. MyLink sets the trend for business communication because of the ease it offers. Enterprises find that they’re empowered to have better business transactions between their internal and external stakeholders, providing them opportunity to dominate over competitors. Moreover, local corporations get the global credibility sought by multinational clients.”

What sets MyLink apart from other soft phones are its easy-to-use features which include a launcher with easy-to-use icons for the utilization of this very convenient integration where you could customize your homepage and profile your credentials at your own pace. An enterprise can now take advantage of the best Unified Communications technology available today as MyLink brings together capabilities such as inbound and outbound voice calls, chatting, video, emails, data transfer and even unlimited conferencing. 

MyLink’s easy navigation and user-friendly options keeps communications as fluid and as productive as possible to get more work done, resulting to better performance in work for the development of the company. It also reduces risks of missing important phone calls. Moreover, the inclusion of VoiceOne NGN Box and PABX System to the work place can help improve the corporate setting with unlimited conference opportunities and enhanced supervision on employees through easy navigation of database for both users and administration.

Integration to a corporations’ communications system is both simple and cost-effective with options of either integrating through the use of VoiceOne’s NGN Box or even through an enterprises’ existing PABX box. Partnering with a new generation telecom provider like VoiceOne enables companies, even start-up enterprises, to enjoy the benefits of Unified Communications services such as MyLink.

Says Rocke, “As communications technology advances, we aim to be an enterprises’ provider and partner, as well as the preferred bridge between them to allow Philippine businesses to grow while keeping them up-to-date with global IT trends.”

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