HEALTHY LYF: Diana Stadler by Dermaline

Its my first time to attend a SPArty and excited what will happen. I'm not really a regular at beauty shops because I don't know what  service should I avail and what would be best for me. Though familiar with scientific advances on cosmetology, still I have a lot to learn about aesthetics. I am thankful to be invited by Dermaline to experience this and learn more.
Dermaline has been in the beauty business for 15 years now and this gives the company a good reputation and also the experience of providing world class beauty services.  Brazilian Model-Actress Diana Menezes trust Dermaline to take care of her skin. Also note that they also have soaps used and endorsed by Gerald Anderson and Sam Milby. And I loved these soaps because they are indeed effective. Though I'm not a fan of facials because I don't like the pricking part, I gave it another try here at the SPArty at Dermaline. And I was not disappointed, the pricking was not that bad and I felt indeed more fresher  I am considering having another session if ever. 

After the facial, we were also treated with the Casmara Peel-Off Mask which is very relaxing at the same time minimizes the pores due to the cold temperature. Definitely a must try especially for those like me with large pores and prone to acne. If your interested about Dermaline and its services you may check their website and facebook page. Below are information about the company and our pictures after the treatment. 

Congratulations to Dermaline for their 15th anniversary and until the next SPArty!

The ladies looking radiant after the treatment
As the only guy in the group,  I loved the treatment and ade me look fresher!
The staff who treated our face with their expertise.
Thank you DERMALINE for inviting us to your SPArty!

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