LAKBAYAN: BonPen Diaries

We had so much fun when we went on our 3 day stay in BonPen (Bondoc Peninsula), wherein we attened the BonPen Festival that aims to promote tourism and the environment. We were welcomed to the the towns of Unisan and Pitogo (were the festival is held).  The BonPen Festival started in 2009 in Catanauan and now the festival is hosted by the Town of Pitogo.

We (the bloggers), were invited to attend the occasion and we are indeed pretty excited to attend the event, as it would be a different place other than Metro Manila. We love to have fresh air and to try something new in the province which we also find new to us. 

The Festival started on October 28 with a tree planting event with Vice-President Jojo Binay (However due to his trip to Saudi Arabia he sent his son Jun Jun Binay to represent him). After that we went to the Pitogo town proper to have lunch and some sightseeing. Here we made the initial video to the BonPen festival.

This is just the start of our adventures in these towns, more stories, pictures and videos to come so you can also feel the fun we had at the Bondoc Peninsula!

Stay Tuned! Discover BonPen!

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