LAKBAYAN: BonPen Diaries (Part 2 - Pitogo History Town)

The town of Pitogo is a old town, simple yet historical. After the tree planting event at QUEZELCO I, we went to the town proper to check out the town and its historical sights. One of which was the Castillo, which looks like a tower though not really as high but has a feel especially its just beside the sea. Pitogo may be a simple town but has rich history that the people share. Time does slow down in the province.

The town proper is situated in hills beside the sea giving it a great view of the sea and the green mountains. This makes the town so simple yet refreshing. Now moving to the town we encountered an ancestral home called Villa Rosa Mansion. This century old house had witstood the test of time and typhoons and was also a site where President Manuel Quezon stayed while in Pitogo.

The Current owner is Atty Correa, also the former mayor of Pitogo. Now retired, he spends the day reading newspapers and entertaining guests like us to the house with so many to share about the past and also the stories of the things (antiques) inside the house. 

He showed us the century old barometer which is still very accurate with a comparison with a digital one. The dinning table is also almost a century old and with chairs that have EVR (E is for the common names that start with the letter and VR stands for Villa Rosa, and also Dela Rosa, who are the owners of the house)

There is also the room where president Quezon stayed, a simple room with no eerie feeling because of its age. This made us go back in time and know how country living is like. And my most favorite part of the house was the veranda, where fresh aid comes in with rocking chairs perfect for relaxing on weekends. I did not miss the chance to have a photo taken as I rocked and enjoyed the scenery. 

The house is indeed became a mini-museum of the rich history that Pitogo had. Though remote and simple, the town would definitely takes the blues away from the city stress.  This I think made President Quezon stay at this humble town, now hosting the BonPen Festival promoting the Bondoc Peninsula with things definitely unique and unforgettable.

More adventures in these towns, more stories, pictures and videos to come so you can also feel the fun we had at the Bondoc Peninsula!

Stay Tuned! Discover BonPen!

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