After KOMIKON, Back and Bloggin'!

I apologize for quite a hiatus for probably a week because of KOMIKON. But since its over and I'm now free, I can now attend to provide you again with the latest news and events today. Here I offer an apology cake for all readers and keep posted for anything new I love to share with you all!

But first of all I would like to congratulate the KOMIKON for a job well done for this day. Too bad for me that I came in late to sell my comics KRISIS KOMIX (Identity Krisis and World Krisis). It was a fun day for me despite my ailment in my leg. Had fun with comic friends. Though I don't have enough budget for comics for this time, I am happy to see that this industry is growing again in the digital age. 

As a comic creator, its a great feeling that people are investing on us because they love what we do.  Seeing the progress through the years made me excited about the industry. And in today's Komikon, its not just comics but also interesting merchandise that one can avail, from posters, to key chains, even an iPad (Gerry Alanguilan's Elmer is one proof).

Now I cab breathe again an start to do blogging again and be able to share them as soon as possible. I hope you may also buy my comics in the future. Also support the works done my amateur and professional comic creators as this dawns the start of a Komik revolution.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy Komiks!

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