MRT Bomb Scare at Guadalupe Station!

Going home to Pasig I decided to take the MRT to Ortigas station, I thought it will just another day but it wasn't. On  a sunday night the MRT is not jampacked and with no rush hour, seems ordinary but all of this changed when we arrived at MRT Guadalupe station, a commotion happened.

A man went out of the train but a lady cried ou "Uy mama yung bag, naiwan niyo!" (Hey, you left you're bag!). Others followed to call the man but he did not come back. The doors closed with people saying "baka bomba yan!" (maybe its a bomb!), and then people started panicking. The train is now starting to move and I also felt the tension inside. The crowd had intentions to go out so they quickly pulled the emergency lever to open the cart. 

Then when the doors opened, almost all of the people inside the cart  go out and walked quickly as far from the platform. People in the other carts were clueless about what is happening. The guards came to the scene but just got the bag and placed it on the podium. Minutes passed and the bag is still there, the train still stuck. I stayed in the emergency exit as a precaution, same goes with some passengers. I also took these photos just in case.

No one also assisted us estranged passengers on what to do. almost 10 minutes passed and that was only the time they removed the bag. That was only the time we went back. The train left, but I chose to  stay and catch another train. The man who left the bag was never seen or came back.

Though nothing bad happened, I am just unhappy with the response of the MRT personnel. Leaving the bag on the platform is a bad idea, what if that is a real bomb, it can still cause damage and casualties. Also with no one to telling us what to do cause confusion among the passengers. Prank or real, this is no laughing matter, terrorism is serious and caused a lot of deaths. This scene showed that they are not prepared with this scenario, plus the fact they do suck in handling rush hour. I hope they will realize that security should be responsive and will lead the people not to panic. 

I felt thankful that nothing serious happened, but I realized I should always be prepared with the worst case scenario.

For now, stay safe and be vigilant!

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