Here at the Pangasinan Digital Life ICT Congress!

Here now at Lingayen at the Provincial Capitol Complex for the Pangasinan Digital Life ICT Congress that starts today, November 21 to 26, 2011. Some of speakers will be Vince Golangco (, Janette Toral (digital filipino), Carlo Ople (, TV 5) and many more (including your truly!). Its a great move especially for the people of Pangasinan, though agricultural in nature has now embraced the dawn of the digital age that is now improving productivity and connection between the government and also the citizens.

For more information about the program and schedules visit Like them on facebook, same with their supportive Governor Amado Espino. The topics are made to suit the needs of specific citizens of Pangasinan. With this milestone, many other provincial government officials will support the growth of Information Technology in provinces where they can indeed make a great difference and improvement of the lives of its people.

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