MUSIC LYF: ARKO - Bitter, Sweet, and Even and FANSILOG aimed to unite OPM Artists and Fans

Music has always been a universal language. It ties everyone together and unites us. But with the rise of the Internet, the media landscape has definitely changed. 

This is also what these four individuals from various fields, thought of when they came up with the newest OPM website Freelance video producer Frank Lloyd Mamaril, together with Robbie Ortega (licensed engineer), Jason Talon (IT Practitioner), and Raul Robles (IT Support Engineer), coming from an all-male choral group themselves, music was really in their system. It didn’t take long when they came up with an idea of an all-filipino website catering to music enthusiasts and fans alike. 

Fansilog is an all- Filipino music content website where OPM Artists and fans can log in and exchange. Artists and bands can upload their songs and videos and let their fans know where their next gig will be and at the same time view exclusive content like interviews, music videos bootlegs, and versions. 

“Fansilog also produces top-notch and creatively executed music videos” says Frank Lloyd Mamaril, who is also a freelance video producer/director himself and as part of the launch of the website, Fansilog proudly invites artists and bands to submit songs and if Fansilog likes it, then they will produce the music video for free (as of the moment). Fansilog envisions itself as a multimedia hub, where fansilog can produce content for the artists as well. And as a taste of things to come, Fansilog launches its first featured band ARKO.

Scouring and searching, ARKO had been in this mode for a long time. And now the long wait is finally over. The country’s most promising rock band comes with a real powerful rock-inspired voice. ARKO,together with Brian Sta. Ana (Guitars), Ivan Raquid (Bass), Boyet Robleado (Drums) and Nathalie Parayno (Vocals), virtuosos in their own right brought together to produce a “new” kind of music that will never fail music lovers and will surely get a fan out of them. ARKO is this generation’s redefinition of Original Filipino Music, the new epitome of ‘Rock’. A band leaving an awe even to the most insatiable.
ARKO now releases their latest OPM Album, ARKO: Bitter, Sweet and Even. Independently produced and distributed in Astrovision nationwide.14 original tracks that will bring out the rocker in you.

Fansilog produced their first music video “Sayang” It premiered in for two weeks and in just two days, it had 400 views and growing. Weeks after, the music video also premiered in MYX as part of the show PINOY MYX. 

In the coming months, Fansilog will introduce new features like a music playlist, a gig locator, and fan badges, and will continue to look for fresh new content and artists to feature. 

For submissions and inquiries, log on to or email

For ARKO Bookings and inquiries call Frank Lloyd Mamaril at (02) 565-4853.

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