ART IS A BANG: Maskara (A Stage Play)

The Palanca awarded non-realistic one-act play Maskara written by playwright Frank G. Rivera will be performed by pool of talents from different performing arts group. 

This will be Omnidextrous Inc., a creative and servicing organization specializing in events and production management, workshop facilitation, marketing and artistic training’s first major theater production. 

"After three batches of SPACE (Stage/Screen Performing Arts Course for Enthusiasts), and with 49 graduates under different acting gurus and production seminars, Omnidextrous decided to organize a production project,” said Jonathan Montes who will be directing the play adding that several scripts have been recommended and Maskara was the 5th script. 

‘Makara’ tackles about man’s struggle on the influential forces of pretension in a world where dissimulation and delusion of happiness is being orchestrated by "masks". 

Maskara will be Montes’ full-length play after 10 years. “Maskara resurrected my passion! It stimulated my psychology and artistry. It is a challenge for me to execute non-realism and at the same time sending the message of reality,”

He said that he has been in acting major roles where Rivera is also the playwright; this includes Ambon, Ulan, Baha, Oyayi and Tao. 

Omnidextrous Inc. is conducting cost-effective stage and television performance workshops with the help of artists in the industry for the past two years. Its graduates were pitched into various onstage and on-camera productions. 

The concept of Makara was to let audiences be entertained and think at the same time. “I would want to create somehow a different atmosphere of theater, going away with its typical approaches,” said Montes. 

"Maskara is my way of waking everyone's mind to their real selves, hoping to be an inspiration for them to take away their masks,” he said. 

Tickets will be available at P160 pesos each.

College of the Holy Spirit 

163 E. Mendiola
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Saturday December 10, 2011
- 10:00 AM
- 2:00 PM
- 5:00 PM
Sunday December 11, 2011
- 10:00 AM
- 2:00 PM
- 5:00 PM

For ticket inquiries, please call VOZ at (63 915) 419-8655 and Arlene at (63 905) 380-8993 for sponsorship.

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