Blah Blah Blogs: Gat Andres Tribute

Its BONIFACIO DAY, a holiday, but what is the essence? You may know Andres Bonifacio as the brave Katipunero who fought for freedom of the Philippines. But there are more to Bonifacio other than his bolo and his shredded cedula. His lived a life not like Rizal with foreign education and women. He was immersed with self-education and hard work to support his family. He sold fans and canes for a living. He was also into theater as an actor. Many of us may not know that he is also a poet as he wrote several poem inspired with the books he have read and the people he looked up to. So when he organized the KKK or Katipunan, it was also a league of intelectual but with more options of going into revolution. Rizal actually did not support his actions since it was not the right time. But even without Rizal's support the revolution did pushed through and eventually led the country into independence. There was also an issue that Bonifacio was the first president de facto of the Republic and not Aguinaldo. There was also rumors and debates that Aguinaldo was the reason for the assasination of Bonifacio and his brother. And still these facts and rumors still exist. Even he might not be the official National Hero, I still consider him as one. Not that he is superior to Rizal or Aguinaldo but to the fact that his love for the country was really pure and made real changes, he did not let time pass by to act. He made sure that he can still prove to be called a worthy leader by his intelect, passion and intention. This these things are what the world needs as a characteristics of a leader. That's Bonifacio.

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