In this time where recession still lingers and causes households to tighten their belts, its a good thing there is a website that we can turn to so we rely in optimizing our resources and also create savings that we can use for the future. That is why the TIPID SQUAD is here!

Now as the Tipid Squad Team has been completed we can now expect their website would be of great help to us. And with their debut, they have a contest! Check out the details below or you may click on the link!
Tipid Dauqs Budget Tips!

(from the tipid squad website)

1. Create a post about the contest AND/OR our site’s theme (personal finance/budgetting)
2. Optimize the keywords Tipid Dauqs Budget Tips
3. Your entry must be created between November 20, 2009 and December 18, 2009

4. Link back to our site (http://tipidsquad.com) with title Budget Tips (e.g. Budget Tips) or simply copy this code and include to your post: Budget Tips
5. submit your entry on or before December 18, 2009 by leaving your name, e-mail address, and link of your entry in the comment box below.
6. Multiple entries are okay.

This contest is open to anyone living in the Philippines. Top 3 entries (which will be checked via google.com) by December 25, 2009, 11:59 PM will be declared winners. Winners will be announced by 12MN.


1st: P700
2nd: P500
3rd: P300


Leave a separate comment in this post to guess the names of the squad’s members! The person who can give us the most number of names, if not a complete list of the squad gets a free .com or .net domain from us. First Name + Last Name or Nickname + Last Name will do. In case of tie, the first one who sent us the FIRST, most complete entry will win.

Every week, we will give updates and more clues to help you with your guessing so keep visiting the site or subscribe via your reader.

You can also add us up and follow us on plurk and twitter:



For the mean time, here’s the initial clues:


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