WOTL- He's back and Wasak

Hey Guys, I've been a fan of TV5's news program TEN, the evening news and I love the segment Word of the Lourd by the lead vocalist of Radio Active Sago Project, Lourd De Veyra. He is not really a journalist but looks more like an activist. However in this segment he tackles critical issue that usually most of us would ignore or take for granted. With this segment, he sheds light upon a topic mixed with a wacky perspective of videos and pictures that would highlight his points. Truly a new kind of journalism but still with the sense of responsibility and challenge to the public, which most news may lack. Hope you enjoy this first post for WOTL which we be a regular segment in this Blog. So take time to watch the video and it would be appreciated if you may leave a comment.
The video is not actually the first since they may be in random for now and the following weeks, however since this segment is aired once a week, I might need to catch up with post so you won't miss this awesome production. Today's video is He's back and wasak tackles about the busy world an the energy drinks that has become a norm to the regular worker or student that is both beneficial or fatal to our lifestyle and our health. I'm not actually a afan of these drinks but I do drink a lot of different liquids, which sometimes I may not know that the contents may be the same as these energy drinks. And actually I might need one in the next few days since I need to work a lot for our necessities right now. So cruel, yet we need to survive...

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