WOTL: Hate Late

I admit I am usually late with some of my commitments, but I made a lot improvements with this problem. Knowing also fellow pinoys, we do practice Filipino time which is the opposite of what other nationalities view the value of time. For us, we believe in the saying "its better to be late than never". But time for them is really gold, as in literally which they translate into money. And also the infinite reason for being late is traffic...but have we ever thought of any other reason like I stayed up and woke up late?
Its also hard for the others who are the early ones since most of the workers would arrive late, thus work is delayed...so does it mean that we are still poor because we are late comers? Its possible, yet a very chalenging task to overcome that I also still struggle. I just also learned from this WOTL that November was National Conciousness Month for Punctuallity and Civilty. Hope that we observe this and eventually be the new face of Filipino time...

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