Blog Action Day YO H20! (Blah blah bogs special edition)

special edition
Yo! H2O

Yeah, as a living person, you should, I mean you must already know the importance of water for yo and to the whole world. Without it, we all die, as in all living creatures. Its the main component that helped us to evolve. It shaped the great continents and formed nations. Its the reason why we have rain, snow, haze, fog and even storms. It nurtured the plants and animals that we humans change into our own food, going into many processes and finally to you.

Now even with our wastes, water also takes care of that. From cleaning our bodies to help decompose organic materials and using them as a nutrient for plants and animals, the endless cycle is what brought us here to this time. Now, the bad thing is, as humans progress, we also neglect the value of water. In poor and undeveloped nations and remote areas, water is scarce and even expensive. Many people die due to dehydration and other water related incidents than war. So it had also been an endless battle for us to make this necessity available for all and most of all safe.

Now, the problem is many of our people today have lost the value of water to our daily lives and also made the worst pollution of it. Now how are you as a person is doing your share? Don't look to big companies if you don't looked at yourself and also realize that you are also a contributor to  this mess. I know I have, yet I keep on looking at all that I can to be more of a water solution contributor than a waster, which does not sound right, yet it calls for action from us to do what WE can do. We do have people who can work on those large cases. And if everybody in the world would follow this. Everything good will be followed. Like water that flows, we must also be moved to change our world. 

You know the drill, yet you might be hesitant or just plain lazy...
like stagnant water, bugs will hatch there and ruin your life...

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