Mentos Fresh Burst Geyser Event!

I love Mentos, I also love Coke. What happens if you mix them together? That is why I am trying to prove when I went to the mentos and coke event for the most number of soda geysers. The last record was held by Mexico last June and now, it the Pinoys turn to take a shot at this unquie but fun activity.

The event also hails participants from different schools like UP, UST, RTU, JRU, PUP, Adamson and friends and employees of the company. There were also the public who joined in to participate in the festivities. The participants were also given loot bags containing mentos products and also a booth for coke zero giving out free cans for the people to enjoy.

Originally I passed the Mall of Asia to be just a spectator, but since they opened up their participation to the public. I got to join in and be part of this historical moment. The participants wore shirts and raincoats to protect them from the rain of cola which will be propelled by the mentos in specially shaped tubes.   There were also some briefing and sample trials to show that this 'soda fountain' really works. 

Of course the people who led this is the youtube sensation Eepy Bird duo, who showcased their stuff and how this geyser is made into a well developed art using countless liters of soda of various brands and product. I had a shot of them at quite a distance but their performance is loved so much by the crowd. Now comes the countdown. As I pulled the toothpick holding the mentos from the cola, it was like the most nervous thing I ever done. And for just a few seconds, it turned into coke foam bliss as it gushed up into the air with almost 3000 other coke geysers. Ther was of course a Guiness World Record Adjudicator to witness and confirm the attempt. And it was! kudos to all who participated and made a new record of  2856 geysers!

The night was capped off with a concert with calialily and other celebrities who joined in for the world event. But there is also one more thing, they are also have a fact or fake contest on their facebook page which you can still send entries until October 21!  Also check out my album for more pictures!

last picture  from Yahoo! Philippines

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