FUNKY Bowling at SM!

Its my first time to bowl... 
what happened? read on...

Bowling has been a very old sport which dates back to the times of kings and queens. And as time passes, bowling rules did not change that much but only the type of competition and scoring. You can just roll the ball into ten pins and knock them off, seems easy to some, yet a challenge for many. But there is only a standard in bowling that is to roll the ball into the paved aisle and thats it. It might have grew to be a boring sport because the mechanics were too simple. Now comes the juicy part... Now to put a whole new twist to the rolling and bowling game is what thy call FUNKY BOWLING. This style changes and challenges the players, both professionals and amateurs, to get that strike. Have you tried to bowl between your knees? How about bowling while kneeling? being blindfolded? Or even with your feet?  We got to experience this type of game at SM Bowling center at the Mall of Asia. It was definitely a night to remember with the lanes that have the disco feel and neon colored balls that glow in the dark!

What I know that there are pro and first timers (like me) who went there and tried out this new style.  I got the position to bowl in between the legs and also bowl between the legs standing on the aisle. Looks easy but the tragic thing is I never even got to take down a single pin! EPIC FAIL indeed! However, the night was really fun as also others were struggling to get a strike at their positions. Yes, it will be a memorable day for me for failing to strike or bowl a pin down (even a single one!) on my first time to bowl but really had fun with blogger friends.
You might also try to get into the bowling alley to try this one. SM bowling center will also have its Halloween funky bowling this October. Enjoy free face painting, Wii, Rockband, photo booth, trick or drink, and many many more! For more info check out their fan page.

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