Its time Barangay PILIPINAS, VOTE!

May bilog may bilog na hugis itlog...

It was just a few month after the first automated elections in the country, and now we have this for the local Barangay but unlike the promising system we went back to the manual counting since its on the smaller scale.  But what happened? There were a past problems that surfaced on this year's Barangay and Sanguniang Kabataan's election. Aside from the manual count of ballots. There are also series of violence and mass (and obvious) vote buying at this level! This does stink to think that there salary is not that extravagant to spend a lot of money and effort to hold position. 

I did ask some people on what they think of the Sanguniang Kabataan, if they are worth keeping or not. And unanimously, all of them agreed to remove them from the structure since they dont provide sufficient and long term benefit to the youth of the Barangay. If ever they would it would be really really rare. My cousin ran and won as SK chairwoman and now my niece is running for Kagawad. I don't expect that they will do good or bad, but to think that it more of a bane than a boon.

But one thing is for sure for now, if there are still a lot of problem in the roots (Barangays), absolutely there is the problem of the whole society. We oust people in higher positions yet on our local levels we have people who do similar and unlawful ways. Changes must come from the grassroots itself and after that the country will. 

If you have voted to the candidate worthy of you vote, do so.
If have not, due to infinite list of reasons, just try to do what is right and follow the law.
We are the only nation that have this system in the government, 
now lets prove that this is worth keeping for.

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