FASHIONISTA: Fashion Experiments With Converse Weatherized Collection

Today we will be cooking up something new, not with food ingredients, but with fashion find that we can inside the flagship store of Converse Philippines. Housing the popular Chuck Taylors and other Converse collections like Jack Purcell and specials with comic series like Batman and other DC characters, we can now make an interesting approach to the sneaker brand and it other products.  

Sneakers is probably the best thing that ever happened in footwear. Developed in the past century has now the footwear of the people. And one of the iconic brands, Converse has reinvented itself to keep up with the times as style and taste change. And that is why we answered the call of converse for fashion bloggers to express and impress ourselves through mixing and matching different styles and combination using their latest line up, the  Converse Weatherized Collection. The new line up has a great selection of design and functionality which is both practical and fashionable. 

Converse maybe a brand for the skating generation, this does not limit the other possibilities of styles one can come up with. That is why I like to call it "Fashion Experiments with Converse Weatherized Collection."

Looking at the different designs of the collection, I saw the perfect personalities that would fit for those sneakers. And I have come up with 4 styles using 4 different sneakers, and probably 4 different personalities that come with it.  I posted these pictures in my instagram too.


Academically, I am still a student, and I have lived my life dressing up for the daily classes I have to go throughout the day, and commuting has taught me a lot in being street smart. But t I realized that fashion should not be sacrificed in the process. For the intellectual human who gains intelligence, must also enrich one's fashion sense. And a combination of colors would be perfect to bring out the energy and youth despite the hectic and stressful school schedules.

For this look, I ventured with a earthy colored sneakers against the bright colored tops (Green Jacket and accessorized with a blue knapsack,to keep things organized) brings together the feeling of perkiness and humility.


This is something that I would refer to myself, as ninjas operate silently yet efficient and passionate. It can also blend into the environment. One can be simple but not boring. That is the way of the ninja, silent yet always ready. Can blend in with the crowd but can also stand out among the common public without exerting too much effort.

The urban ninja does not need a lot, the most important element would actually be the shoes and the bag. Using the high cut sneakers, one can still fit in quickly with the zipper on the sides. Partnered with a simple backpack with minimal design to keep it basic but never bland. You can also consider it as an "urban backpacker."


For those who love getting a kick out of their kicks, the Kung Fu look would be perfect practice of those skills. Shoes again plays a vital role in bringing out the art of martial arts. As there are a lot of foot movement in the different disciplines, substandard products may bring injury to the wearer. Practice and discipline should always been done to keep oneself up to date.

Comprising of a black hooded  Converse jacket, and a pair of soft sneakers, it would look harmless and simple at first ,but when mixed with "Kung Fu" moves, would definitely make a statement and let your feet do the talking. I could also consider this "parkour fashion." 


As one of Converse's top customers, the hip hop community always have a lot of talented people. And the hip hop artist would have other talents that one may fail to notice. They would always love to improvise and accessorize to bring out, the "bling". 

In busting moves, a pair of converse weatherized colection would stand out with a Converse jacket and a cap to top it off. This is one of my favorites as it involves movement and another converse product. Given there would be music, I would have probably danced inside the store and done some headstands, but its time to get back to my current reality and check on the results.

As expected, all style have their own unique appeal. Having to mix and match them is a challenge to many but you will never go wrong with a pair of Converse Weatherized Collection.

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