REEL DEAL: Shakes and Rattles In Korean Movie "Horror Stories"

Asia’s culture probably holds the creepiest of ghostly encounters based on true events due to the people’s dire need to connect with the spirits of their loved ones or someone who might reveal truths of unsolved mysteries. 

In the upcoming Korean movie “Horror Stories 2,” parallel to the country’s “Shake, Rattle and Roll” ghost stories, three stories of spirits come to life in an insurance company wherein they connect with the dead to find answers to fraudulent claims. But as each case is reopened, a dark shadow surges over them and grows stronger as the memories of the dead come to life.   

The movie starts to reveal dark spirits in the basement of an insurance company where an employee and her boss goes through old files for review.  The company’s manager named Park (played by Park Sung-Wong) discovers that his eccentric new employee Se-Young (Lee Se-Young) has an extraordinary ability to see past events that happened by connecting to any personal belongings  of the dead.  Park then uses Se-Young’s gift to unravel mysteries in their past insurance cases that were left unanswered.

The first of “Horror Stories 2” files entitled “Cliff” focuses on two friends who got stuck on a cliff for days until one of them fell of the cliff.  Days later, the real story behind the fall begins to surface as the survivor sees and hears horrifying images of his dead friend.

A car accident happens along the way in the episode “The Pain of Death” when three friends decide to go on a road trip heading to the mountains drunk after they failed on their teacher certification needed to apply for a job.   Along the way, the girls crashed in the dark isolated part of a sleepy town going to the mountains.  When they try to go back on the road bruised and bloodied, they find themselves in a place where they try to escape death waiting for them.

A trainee teacher tries to “Escape” from the shame caused by his students on his first day in school.   Brought about by mischievous students, Byeong-Shin (played by Ko Gyung-Pyo) finds himself in a series of humiliating situation that he cannot control.  In his desire to forget what happened, he is then transported to another dimension through black magic being practiced by one of his students.  But he soon finds out that he has stepped into a realm where no one has escaped before.

As the hidden stories are revealed from the files they thought to be fraudulent, Se-young notices that the dark shadows of the spirits sweeping through the room slowly casts over them but Mr. Park is too preoccupied to listen to Se-young’s warnings.

Rated R-13, “Horror Stories 2” will open in cinemas on November 27 from Axinite Digicinema, Inc. 

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