Let Jeron and Robi Guide You to MAN UP

To be a man, there are a lot of things to be considered. There are also the social standards that has evolved throughout the years. And in this new age, the new standards of being a man has indeed changed and still continues to progress.

That is why men needs to cope up with the changing times, be in the know and also be more active with activities such as sports.

Those are the things Robi and Jeron will be sharing with the new show on ABS-CBN Sports+Action, MAN UP.

MAN UP is a 30-minute sports and lifestyle docu-magazine program hosted by two of today’s hottest young male icons - popular TV hosts ROBI DOMINGO, and college basketball superstar JERON TENG.
Robi and Jeron will explore the metro and get inside the many different worlds of men - and women - to know the real meaning of being a man today. From trying out new sports, experiencing alternative lifestyles and subcultures, and even tasting new dishes, Robi and Jeron will go out of their familiar zones to gain a new outlook about the Pinoy male psyche.

As they say in the streets, sometimes you just have to “MAN UP”

Directed by KRIZZIE SYFU and Produced by ERIK MATTI, CHARLIE DY, and DONDON MONTEVERDE under Virtual Playground Co. 

It will be Jeron Teng's first hosting a lifestyle show as well as Krizzie's First venture into TV shows. Robi, being the veteran host and VJ, said that the rivalry as an Atenean sparked again with LaSallian Jeron  being part of the show, but there is no rivalry between the two since it is the first time working with each other.

Catch MAN UP every Sunday, 11:30 AM on ABS-CBN Sports+Action Channel 23 starting May 24.

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