I Got A Diana Stalder Star Treatment!

I have been to many face and skin centers and Diana Stalder is one of my most trusted brands in taking care of my skin. Even before blogging for events, I've been using their products because of their effectiveness. And being introduced to their skin centers gave me a clearer view of what they offer more beyond just skin and face care.

With the opening of their new branches that also introduced new innovations such as the Ideal Protein diet, a weight-loss program that has been proven to provide results for weight management. Also they introduced the DS Cafe, which offers healthy options and alternatives to regular food variants. They also upgraded their stores with the latest equipment as well as renovated rooms that gives customers that ambiance of better service.

Of course, I had to try their facials again to get to feel of the experience. I really love the simple yet homey feel of their room with relaxing music and mild scent to give that feeling of a spa. The attendants are indeed well trained to conduct all the skin procedures fit for all skin types. They would also make sure that the procedures you will go through will also be recomended by their dermatologists.

With the latest treatment that I had that day, I was surprised that it was not as painful pricking as I expected to be, a indication that the I am in the hands of experts and making the experience very pleasant. The facial I had was so relaxing I can even fall asleep, a rare thing I that experience in facial centers. 

And this is also what their celebrity endorsers like Sam Milby also experience as well thus making customers also getting that star treatment!  No wonder clients remain loyal to Diana Stalder. I would definitely go back to try their other services like Ideal Protein and their Casmara Gold treatments. 

If you might be also interested with Diana Stalder services and products, you can visit their branches and also follow them on their social media accounts.

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