McJim Dreams Get Real champions are rocking the OPM scene

Barely a year after they were declared the champions of the first McJim Classic Leather “Dreams Get Real: The Search for the Next OPM Star,” three emerging recording artists have stamped a mark in the local music industry already.

With chart-topping and viral hits; malls, bars and corporate gigs across the country; and radio and television guest appearances, last year’s triple-tie winners—Fifth Dynamics, JBK, and Neo Domingo—are already rocking the music scene after McJim took a chance on them and helped them with the direction of their careers.

Much sought-after boy band JBK, composed of Joshua Bulot, Bryan Del Rosario, and Kim Lawrenz Ordonio, is making everyone’s heart melt. The group’s R&B-infused ballad,“Anong Meron Ka,” gets major airtime on popular radio stations nationwide and in music channels.

The group readily acknowledges how McJim has been instrumental in chasing their dreams. “Because of the McJim Dreams Get Real talent search, doors of opportunities were opened, helping us land different shows,” says Bryan Del Rosario of JBK. “We also released our single with the help of McJim, which is a huge deal for us. Plus, seeing people recognize and support us is priceless.”

On the other hand, Fifth Dynamics, led by former The Voice of the Philippines contestant Mark Cordovales and members John Peterson Leyva, Wence Escabas, Aldrin Condat, and Jhay Santos, has released two chart-topping singles titled “Anyare” and “Pogi Kame”. 

“Before, we just listen to our favorite bands in the radio, but now we hear our own songs being requested. That’s crazy!” said Cordovales.

Cordovales added that McJim supported them and other winners in a number of ways that resulted in a stable career for all three of them. McJim’s support includes series of shows across the country, music video sponsorships, bus advertisements, posters, and the over-all creative direction of the band.

The third winner, Neo Domingo, also topped national and local charts with his debut single “Pagbigyan Mo Na”. It was likewise named as the Most Wanted Song of 97.1 Barangay LS FM. 

The rising pop balladeer is also expanding his horizons by reviving the late ’90s and early 2000s novelty genre. His follow-up novelty single “Kaching-Kaching,” featuring his fellow McJim dreamer Fifth Dynamics, is now heavily played on different stations and is currently one of the soundtracks of GMA’s hit sitcom, “Ismol Family”.

“McJim Dreams Get Real has been a huge help in launching my career. Seeing my name and my singles on different top charts together with those of big names in the music industry is a dream come true,” Domingo avers.

“My newest single is very different from my genre but I’m thankful that fans still like to listen to my music. I grew up in a generation where novelty songs are like a national anthem and I want this generation to experience that kind of music,” says Domingo.

The talents are likewise in the process of completing their debut albums produced by award-winning arranger and composer Jonathan Ong of SonicState Studio.

But there is no stopping what McJim has set out to do, which is to open more  doors of opportunity for aspiring artists and to give them a platform from which they can showcase their talents.

Banking on the success of last year’s competition, McJim is renewing “Dreams Get Real: The Search for the Next OPM Star” for a second season, which is open to all unsigned male and female solo artists, aged 15 to 35 years old, with Filipino lineage.

To all aspiring artists who want to follow in the footsteps of the three McJim Dreamers, McJim Classic Leather extends this invitation: send your video recording or a Youtube link of your performance/s (you may opt to submit a cover or an original song of any genre of your choice) together with the filled-out application form on or before May 15.

“We aim to make Dreams Get Real talent search even bigger, brighter, and better this year. We now offer a full album and music video grant; P100,000 in cash prize; artist marketing support; and a talent management contract to the sole winner!” Chris Cahilig, Dreams Get Real project head, proudly declares.

Like the official McJim classic leather facebook page at and get more information on how you can be the next OPM star. 

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