Palaro in Tagum City Opens With Surprizes

Every year, Palarong Pambansa is celebrated with flair and fun. Now that the  annual sports meet has come finally to Davao Del Norte, they will never miss this opportunity to showcase the province. Davao del Norte may be known for Agriculture, but it is also fastly shifting into commercial and industrial hub.

For this year's Palaro, Davao Del Norte showed effort in making Palaro known in many platforms. One of them is through information to all. With a lot of posters showing the national event as well as welcoming delegates from all over the country. Though it may seems over saturated, this ensures that everyone in the city knows that Palaro will be happening here as well as where will the sporting events happen.

But of course it will officially start with an opening ceremony held at the Davao Del Norte Sports and Tourism Center Complex in Tagum, a world-class facility which DavNor (Davao Del Norte) boast when they started bidding for Palaro a few years back. Now this collossal structure will be put into the biggest test as well as the influx of the delegates, guests and media will n fill up the complex as well as the use for it for sports such as athletics etc.

The opening day was started with a mass led by bishop of the diocese of Tagum at noon. While on the partner elementary and high school campuses host the regional delegates with one school per region, many of them came in weeks before the Palaro to do intensive training as well as adapt to the new climate which would be different depending from where they came from.

There was the parade of colors which shows the delegates in their respective regional colors as well to show their heritage. And when all regions are lined up side by side, it forms a beautiful spectrum on the wide field. Though the sun is up, it was no deal for athletes and delegates who have endured more extreme conditions in their training and competitions.

DILG Secretary Mar Roxas as there as the representative of President Noynoy Aquino. DepEd secretary Bro. Armin Luistro FSC led in the ceremonies such as the flag raising for the Palaro flag as well as the regional athletic associations. 

Thor Dulay, finalist of the Voice of the Philippines season 1 led the national anthem on an elevated platform. He is also set to perform with Niel Coleta and Aiza Seguerra later that evening. There was also an ecumenical prayer led by religous leaders from Tagum that prayed for welfare of the athletes and as well for the success of the Palaro events.

There was also the official turnover from the Previous host, Laguna to Davao Del Norte  led by Laguna Governor Ramil Fernandez and DavNor Governor Rodolfo P. Del Rosario. 

Then with a quick turn of events, rain started to fall down. Davao Del Norte Governor Rodolfo P. Del Rosario was able to give his speech as the host province especially to the participating athletes. Bro. Armin and Secretary Roxas cancelled their speeches to let the participants seek shelter due to the rains. 

However feild demonstrators from various schools in DavNor were persistent to showcase their hard work in preparation for their performance. Despite the rains and some thunderstorms, they were able to perform and deliver their festive performance showcasing the best of the province in various styles and forms. Now that is what you call dedication.

And finally, to cap the long and tiring day of the Palarong Pambansa opening, they first let the rain to settle before doing the fireworks display that lit up the sky. Now it is indeed official that Palarong Pambansa 2015 is now open and all are now excited for the sporting events that will create champions and future Olympians for the country. 

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