Be #LondonStyle, as UK’s #1 Coffee Chain opens in Manila

It was a cold London afternoon in 1971 when two brothers, Bruno and Sergio Costa, decided to create something truly remarkable. Their love for premium coffee led them to sell their product to local caterers and soon after, to open their very first café. 

Since then, Costa has become a leading global coffee shop brand with over 40 years of expertise. Our irresistible coffee is served in over 3,000 Costa stores around the world. The Costa brothers’ dream was to bring irresistible coffee and community spirit to the people of London – today the vision is bold and simple. To be the world’s favorite coffee shop brand…and this legacy has finally arrived on Philippine shores.

The art of coffee

The Costa brothers created their own unique blend of coffee, a combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. They called this smooth, round but rich tastes, the Mocha Italia and the blend became a closely guarded secret.  To this day, Costa Coffee remains true to the original Mocha Italia recipe, which is still slow-roasted in the Old Paradise Street Roastery in London.

Costa coffees are all handcrafted and espresso based, giving each specialty, like Flat White, the Mocha Italia aroma and body only a proper cup of coffee should have. 

Costa employs Master Genarro Peliccia as their official Coffee Master. Master Genarro is responsible for ensuring that the taste that Costa is known and loved for remains consistent in every Costa cafe, so much so that his tongue was once insured for GBP 10 Million.

Every cup of coffee served by Costa is handmade by only the best baristas in the industry. Each barista has been rigorously trained in various Costa Coffee Academies around the world, ensuring that they have the skill and precision to make the perfect cup of coffee time and time again. It is this understanding of quality that sets Costa’s coffee apart from all others.


Londoners as only tea drinkers is a common misconception, and Costa Coffee aims to tell the world that the Brits love their coffee and are some of the most demanding customers! 

It is the vibrancy of the London culture and their thirst for quality that Costa aims to bring to the Philippines, as well as a taste of home to those who have always known and loved the brand.“Coffee is more than a stimulating drink—it is a lifestyle too. Costa Coffee is very much part of British cafe society.  The arrival of this venture in the Philippines is not just good news for me but also an opportunity for Filipinos to experience a little piece of Britain,” said Asif Ahmad, 
British Ambassador to the Philippines. 

Costa Coffee is excited to finally be in the Philippines, and is eager to delight its new batch of happy customers by serving them the fine coffee that they truly deserve, #LondonStyle.

Costa Coffee will be opening branches in Eastwood, Robinson’s Ermita, Tera Towers, Bonifacio Global City, and Robinson’s Antipolo this 2015. 

To anticipate each store opening, Costa Coffee will be having a special promotional offer: “Fancy a free cup of coffee? Absobloodylutely! Order your Frostino Mocha Cream with a British accent and get it for free, from 2-4pm on opening day”.

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