Cotton Council Launches Brand New Identity

Cotton Council International (CCI), the marketing and promotions arm of the United States cotton industry, is revitalizing and re-launching today its 26-year old flagship brand, COTTON USA.  

Since 1989, over 50,000 product lines and 3 billion products have proudly carried the name COTTON USA. This translates into about 100 million bales of cotton spun, woven, cut, sewn, and enjoyed by people all over the world.

In the Philippines, the COTTON USA Mark was introduced to garment manufacturers and consumers in 1994.  The Mark, often displayed on garments and merchandizing shelves, has been a symbol that assured Filipinos that the items being purchased were 100% cotton, 50% of which was cotton sourced from the United States of America. 

“Our brand has been highly successful,” CCI President Dahlen Hancock said. “However, the global marketplace has changed dramatically and become more competitive because petroleum-based fibers are often cheaper. The new generation of consumers needs to hear why cotton is such a wonderful product and why U.S. cotton is the premier cotton for textile and garment manufacturers and consumers, especially families.” 

In addition to a new logo, the re-launch includes a revitalized brand vision emphasizing three key attributes that set U.S. cotton apart from others – purity, quality and responsibility.  Further, new promotional and merchandising tools will be rolled out in stages globally over the next year. 

Purity: U.S. cotton is shipped pure from the field. It’s clean, non-irritating, and safe.  It is the standard by which all other fibers are measured.

Quality: U.S. cotton producers take meticulous care to produce high quality U.S. cotton. Cotton grown with care is soft and white, but it takes hard work, sophisticated technology, and true craftsmanship to bring out the very best in nature. COTTON USA licensees use U.S. cotton to manufacture high quality apparels and home textiles.

Responsibility: From U.S. cotton producers to manufacturers, they are dedicated to creating a better world. Since 1980 to 2011, as result of continuous improvement, U.S. cotton producers significantly reduced five resources to produce cotton fiber.  Land use has been reduced by 30%, soil erosion by 68%, irrigation water applied by 75%, energy use by 31% and greenhouse gas emissions by 22%.  And, at the end of its journey, U.S. cotton is biodegradable and can be safely returned to earth.

In conjunction with the National Cotton Council, CCI works to promote U.S. cotton exports through COTTON USA in more than 50 countries globally, including the Philippines. With offices in Washington, Memphis, London, Hong Kong, Seoul and Shanghai and dedicated representatives in numerous other countries, CCI plays the lead role in educating and strengthening the market for U.S. cotton and U.S. cotton products around the world. 

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