Industry partners back full implementation of K to 12

In pursuit of updating the industry partners on the updates of the current education reform, Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC shared the triumphs of K to 12 in a gathering of education partners and stakeholders held recently in Cebu.

Luistro presented the current situation of the K to 12 roll-out, the decrease of out-of-school children and the department’s update on the basic inputs -- learner materials, school seats, teacher hiring, classroom construction, among others. He also explained the Senior High School (SHS) Program and the vital role of the industry partners in the implementation of SHS.

Dominica Chua from Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. emphasized the support they will provide for DepEd’s ongoing campaign. Chua mentioned that 60% of their budget is dedicated to education. “We are your biggest fan,” she added. Most notable of their education efforts are the more than 600 classrooms for public high school lined-up for next year.

Aside from the educational assistance provided for high school students living near their facilities, Dr. Emiliano Salceda II said that the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) pledges to integrate their programs to that of the K to 12 curriculum. Consultations are currently being made in the division and regional level. EDC also pledges to assist the department on their Technical-Vocational Track in SHS -- being the only center in the locality offering this track.

Guests composed of industry and business leaders, officials from the DepEd Central and Regional Offices attended the said gathering. Present in the event were the companies that supported the early implementation of the SHS Program.

Part of this group was Mr. Marcus Leslie Suntay from the Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc. who shared the triumphs and challenges their company faced during the early implementation of the program. He also extended his gratitude for the support of the Local Government and other private companies in addressing their concerns.

To cap-off of the event, the signing of the Commitment Wall was done to promote the industry and business leaders’ pledge to support the new education reform.

Luistro said, “This reform (K to 12 Program) opens the door for partnerships and linkages with the industry -- a strong driving force in achieving positive results in the full implementation of SHS come 2016.”

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