Blah Blah Blogs: USA Now Land of Equality

It has been a while since I've made a post for personal opinion in Blah Blah Blogs. It was quire timely that the hot topic of legalization of gay marriage in the United States via its Supreme Court made it official throughout the whole nation. Though there has been several states that made it legal prior to this decision. It has become a big buzz throughout the world with big brands and key personalities show support and celebration to the triumph of equality.

However, conservatives and religious sectors show dismay with the result and has condemned the ruling as very "immoral" and against the rule of nature. They are also linking that this is related to the demise of Sodom and Gomorrah. There are also warnings from them about other will follow suit like Pedophiles and "people who would also marry animals". But that would be very far as gay marriage is completely different from those concepts, like Pedophilia is a crime against minors while the other is bestiality. This again opened and divided believers on their stand and understanding of the ruling.

Now, in what I see for this monumental decision is something that change that the LGBT community has been fighting for, legal rights for partners to be wed and other responsibilities and legal privileges that man-wife couples also have. Yes, it does have a big impact to culture and religion who has set up standards of morality. Though we have to know that gay marriage is applicable for civil weddings. Religions are still free to decline performing same sex marriages as mandated by their doctrine and moral standards.

Also, the US is not the sole country that has legalized this. There are more than twenty countries that have made it legal. And indeed it also gained outrage from conservatives like today but eventually died out. As a Catholic, the doctrine of the church does not recognize gay marriage, but It would be unchristian to condemn people in such relationships. You and I would have family and friends who would be in these relationships, and I would let them be. 

In the Philippines, it would not follow with the US soon, because Philippine culture is still deeply rooted with faith and tradition. Though some legislators would take advantage of the issue to gain trust from the LGBT community, especially elections are near. There are also a lot of other issues that government and congress would need to work out first like poverty and health care which is needed by more Filipinos.

However, what I ask for the LGBT community is to show that what they fought for would be indeed rooted in building love and a better community. Remove mudslinging on both sides as it breeds hate. Show respect and sensitivity on religious and culture as they don't offend people and culture. Change and acceptance will follow, and patience and understanding should prevail on both sides. 

Since I do have friends that are in same-sex relationships, I do accept them and happy with their status. And again, the ruling is bound to government legislation and would not force any religion to refuse matrimony. It is not the end of the world, and it would be the best time to create a dialogue and listen to each other. Also maybe look for other things that we might missed to address because we are busy fighting the rainbow. 

I don't need to cite any quotes or biblical references, the basic life rule remains constant, respect equals respect,and we should always be rooted in Love.

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