Hunky Genie Emerges From An Arinola For Wattpad Presents

What will you do if a Hunk emerges from an "Arinola" that was given to you by a mysterious woman? That is the greatest dilemma of Isabelle De Leon's newest character for the viewer favorite Wattpad Presents "Jenny and The Magic Arinola".  It does sound weird but it brings a whole new life for the Wattpad series which is known for love stories and now has ventured into fanatasy with this new series.

From the Wattpad novel of the same name, the story was written by OWWSIC, this story has garnered over 1 Million reads on the site and 35 Thousand votes. Owwsic is also the Author of "Diary ng Hindi Malandi (Slight Lang)" which also starred Isabelle.

This fantasy-love story centers on Jenny (Isabelle De Leon) who is on roll of unfortunate revelations including discovering that her boyfriend of 2 years, Berto (Brent Manzano) cheated on her for another girl. However Jenny remains kind hearted and helped a mysterious woman who ate at their carrinderia. The lady suddenly disappears and left a dirty arinola on the table. Upon cleaning, a hunky genie suddenly appeared named Laxus (Alex Castro). And like all genies, he is most likely to give her three wishes.

But although he luck would change with a magical genie under her bidding, Laxus cannot just magically provide her her wishes. Instead he actually makes a mess when she actually wishes for something, making him more of a trouble maker than a genie. So what is Laxus good for anyway? 

The riot now comes with being the master of the magical being and how can this be a secret to anyone, even with her ex-boyfriend. Will she ever get her wishes or will it just be another bad luck for her?

Alex and Isabelle shared  their thoughts on the presscon of the series, in which they have already worked together in a previous show. Alex also shows his body as genie clothes are actually revealing. Isabelle might be a veteran in the Wattpad series but manages to prove that each character has something new to love.  

WATTPAD PRESENTS "Jenny And The Magic Arinola" air Monday to Friday starting June 22, at 9PM before Baker King on TV5

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