The Same But Different

After Levi Strauss had perfected the art of creating the perfect five-pocket blue jeans, he proceeded to make what would be the iconic denim Trucker Jacket.

Through the decades, the Trucker Jacket has been worn sans sleeves, painted, with flower patches, embroidered, chopped, re-sewn and deconstructed.

Guys and gals wore it. Cowboys and party girls wore it in different ways. The jacket became a symbol for just about anything the wearer wanted it to be.

The Trucker has undergone subtle modifications, the most "drastic" being the addition of hand pockets in the 1980s. There have also been collaborations with other brands that have mildly tweaked the designs and fabrics but the core design has remained the same.

Fans of the Levi's Trucker Jacket will love the new Down Trucker Jacket for Men and Women, which has all the authentic details of the Original Trucker but with 100% goose down for maximum warmth. Imagine the look of a classic trucker jacket outside with warm insulation inside. This is perfect for traveling to colder countries this holiday season as the jacket can be compressed for easy packing.

The Levi's Down Trucker Jacket is made from 100% Cotton (Midweight Denim) with down insulation inside the jacket. Other features include button front closure and button chest pockets.

Just like the 5 pocket jean, the Levi's Trucker Jacket does the job and does it well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Except if you're making it perfect for the season.

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