Art, Functionalty and Purpose Determine Winners of Amaia Steps Parkway Upcycling Challenge

Upcycling is now a new trend in recycling and is now being picked up by sustainable communities just like in Nuvali. This past months, Amaia Steps Parkway announced a one of a kind competition that will test their creativity, skill, and marketability with the Upcyling Challenge.

After Lando left the country, the winner of Amaia Steps Parkway Upcycling Challenge which commenced last Oct. 17, 24, and 25 at the Solenad 1, Nuvali will be finally revealed. From the 13 group finalists that were each given 24 hours to create marketable and practical home products using a selected material, in this case, plastic soft drink bottles.

Defining upcycling is the process of turning used goods or waste material to produce something that is often better than the original, is the most viable option. Upcycling helps reduce carbon emissions, which are the amount of carbon dioxide produced to support our lifestyles. Your carbon footprint measures your impact on the climate based on how much carbon dioxide you produce. Factors that contribute to your carbon footprint include your methods of transportation and energy usage.

The contestants workplace is located in Solenad 1 where they are  provided with P3,000 for raw materials and transportation to the site. The theme of the challenge is "Living Re-Imagined"

Out of the initial 13, 11 were able to finish their works to be judged by style and design experts like Tessa-Prieto Valdez and Igan D'Bayan. 

The grand winner was awarded P100,000 in cash and a glass trophy during the last day of the competition. The first runner-up received P50,000 and a glass trophy and the second runner-up gets P25,000 and a glass trophy. 3rd Place went to team Kneutral MNL: “EpitoME”: Carissa Patricia del Rosario and Jose Masucol; 2nd Place goes to Team Bulahao: “Chandelier” Danilo Perez, Charlie Cannal, and Louie Lucena; and 1st Place goes to Team DJE: “Bubble Coral” by Danny John N. Kalinga, Jojean Aguilar and Johnedel Edward Ogalesco.

The works are currently posted on Amaia Land Corp.'s official Facebook page. The entry with the most number of likes on Facebook received a special prize.          

Team DJE: “Bubble Coral”
Danny John N. Kalinga Jojean Aguilar Johnedel Edward Ogalesco

Team Bulahao: “Chandelier”
 Danilo Perez Charlie Cannal Louie Lucena

Kneutral MNL: “EpitoME”
Carissa Patricia del Rosario Jose Masucol

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