Dockers’ 5 tips on how to create your signature look

In a generation where one constantly places a premium on looking good, having a signature style will make you stand out anywhere you go. It is what will set you apart from the rest of the crowd, the look that will best reflect who and what you are.

So how do you go about creating the look that puts your best style forward all the time?

Dockers believes that your choice of clothes underscores the kind of image you present to the world. With fast-evolving styles and trends ruling the fashion scene these days, it’s how you put together your individual style that will get you noticed every time.

Here, Dockers shares five tips on getting that much-coveted signature look:

• Know your body. There are styles and cuts that suit your body type. Look for those that conceal your flaws and enhance your assets. Clothes that fit well will always look flattering on you so keep this in mind next time you shop for a new wardrobe.

• Get inspiration. Consider the look of your style icons. How they put together their OOTD could inspire you to put as much effort in finding your signature style.

• Comfort over style. Always go for clothes that you are comfortable wearing. Remember that comfort trumps style anytime because you look your best when you exude self-confidence, which, in turn, comes from feeling at ease in your clothes.

• Consider where you’re going. Every day is a day to look good and well turned out. Try to avoid being over- or underdressed for where you are going—whether it is a night on the town with your buddies, a meeting with clients, or cocktails at a product launch. Don’t be afraid to repeat clothes that look good on you—just mix and match and wear these with flair.

Dockers understands that creating a signature look can be tricky especially when the weather of late has become unpredictable—one morning the sun’s out and the next thing you know it’s raining cats and dogs. Under such circumstances, men need comfortable and versatile pieces in their wardrobe that will make them look sharp and well-dressed—rain or shine.

Dockers’ newest collection offers a wide variety of pants—all stylish, durable, and versatile—that will go with your signature style.

Among these, Dockers believes that its multi-purpose Signature-On-The-Go line will help you find your own style since its versatility makes it easy to pair with your favorite shirt, top, and jacket.

Wearability, function, and great fit—Dockers’ brand message is to highlight all these, making the choice of what to wear far less challenging, and helping you look more stylish and comfortable.

Keep Dockers’ tips in mind to get you the look that will make you unique. But more than that, an aura of self-confidence is what will make you stick out.

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