Dockers Signature On-The-Go Khaki Stretch: for looking dressed to impress

With new technologies and trends, professionals are more competitive than ever and changes in the workplace are necessary. For professionals nowadays, multi-tasking and restrictive deadlines just won’t hack it; there must be work-play balance, too.

To attain this, professionals now are inclined towards collaboration and creating a positive and friendly corporate environment wherein employees have reduced work stress that, in turn, results in diminished absenteeism.

On the other hand, there are work-related matters that are also affected by the changing times. The corporate dress code is one. These days, employees are increasingly seen donning outfits that they’d wear at a typical night out, something that was not ideal or allowed before. While workforce nowadays may be averse to donning traditional office attires, must they totally disregard propriety and decorum when dressing up for work?

While corporate fashion is in a constant state of flux, there is one thing that career counselors assert should never change: dressing for success.

Yes, you may chuck your wooly slacks or linen pants for more comfortable ensembles, but you still have to show up at work looking dressed to take charge. This gives you an aura of respectability among peers that, in turn, will make superiors and clients take notice.

The newest Dockers Signature On-The-Go Khaki Stretch Straight-Fit Flat-Front pants is your go-to collection when checking for office attires that make you look smart yet casual enough for a dinner-and-movie date. Dockers Signature On-The-Go Khaki Stretch features business-casual pants that exude such timeless flair that no matter what comes up in your agenda, wearing one will help you rise to the occasion.

Small wonder, then, that Dockers is the favored khaki brand of Americans and most professionals from different parts of the world. The Signature On-The-Go Khaki Stretch is a straight-ahead style with a straight fit, flat-front, and moisture-wicking technology, which delivers modern flair and continuous comfort.

Dockers perennially offers stylish staple pants that endow its wearer with a huge confidence boost while ensuring supreme comfort—something all professionals need.

And since flexibility is key, your clothes must take you from a breakfast meeting to a night on the town. Just pair your Dockers khakis with a nifty shirt and throw on a smart jacket when you want to dress to impress.

At the end of the day, remember that tremendous self-confidence, aligned with your innate skills and dependability, are all you need to make your mark in the industry you’re in.

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